BLOGtober 25th - New Sigma Brushes & Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate

I came over these brushes and the eyeshadow palette on a blog sale!

It´s a while since I bought it but it arrived in the mail yesterday. What a pleasant surprise the day after my birthday:)

I´ve bought an eyeshadow palette on a blog sale before and I had nothing but positive experience doing so.

There´s always a risk of course, but for me it is worth it because these are products that will be rather expensive for me to buy online (and not available in-store in Norway). So I wanted to try!
The brushes were unused and the palette was only swatched a few times I think and some of the shadows were even untouched.

After a good clean and round of disinfection and the products are good to go :)

I´ve been wanting this palette since it came out and I haven´t been able to get my hands on it! 
So I just had to buy it :)

The glittery shade in the middle is what draws my eyes to it - and disappointingly enough this was the only shade that almost didn´t give any color at all. So freaking disappointing.
I´ll come with a closer look and swatches later :) I haven´t tried it much yet, I´ve mostly just been making sure it is real and not a fake hehe! 

Do you have this palette? What are your thoughts on it?

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"

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  1. Ahhh I'm so jealous of that palette! It's gorgeous!

    xx -b.