BLOGtober 9th - iHerb HAUL, Real Techniques, Tea & Pumpkin Pie Spice:)

I skipped going to the gym today eeeeek! Shame on me.
I've had a really shitty day to be honest, for several reasons, and I actually decided last night that I would be going tomorrow instead. And on Friday.
However I did go for a long, nice walk with the dog, which felt really good.

And the weirdest thing happened today!

As I was back from walking the dog, I went into the kitchen, made some food and thought/daydreamed "Aaaaaaahhh I wish my iHerb order would arrive soon, I'm so excited!"

THE VERY SECOND this was going through my head, and I am dead serious - guess who came driving up to my house and came knocking on the door? DHL of course, with my package!! 


I ordered a couple Real Techniques brushes, Pumpkin Pie Spice and three different flavors of tea.
Originally I had only ordered ONE blush brush and ONE foundation brush - so when I saw there were TWO blush brushes I was like "OMG DID I GET ONE FOR FREE GWAAAHAA" like the crazy make-up-junkie I am........
But I guess it was my own mistake ordering, and paying for, two - thinking I was only buying one. 

iHerb - 1. Me - 0.

Didn't matter really, I wanted two anyway and I can always use a double! I guess the reality is that I simply can't get enough:)

1. Twinings Chai French Vanilla Black Tea // 2. Twinings Chai Pumpkin Spice Black Tea // 3. Twinings Christmas Tea, Black // 4. Pumpkin Pie Spice // 5. & 6. Real Techniques Blush Brush // 7. Real Techniques Foundation Brush.

It was my first time ordering from iHerb and I've been thinking about ordering from there many times before - I just always thought it was gonna be crazy expensive. Shipping and all from U.S you know.
But no, actually it was really cheap and even with only THREE DAYS delivery to Norway - with DHL express international delivering on my doorstep, it was only $8! Not bad :)
I will absolutely be ordering from there again, I think their whole idea is to sell natural food and supplements, and also natural and organic make-up, skincare and other beauty products. Etc. Etc. I will be checking it out a little more because I think they actually offer quite a lot of brands and products that are cruelty free and free from animal products! 

This is nothing that are exclusively for me, but if you decide to shop anything from there you can use this
It says that I can pass it on to my family and friends, and you're my friends right?
he he... *talk to the computer screen*
Ooookay, so let me just tell you what this coupon code is all about already;)
You will get $10 off your 1st iHerb purchase of $40 & up, or $5 off on smaller orders :-)

Let me know if you ordered something:)

Since it's #bbloggers chat right now, what' a more appropriate question than:
What is your favorite tea? 

I always sit down with a hot cuppa while chatting with you guys! <3

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’


  1. Ohhhh I love getting treats in the mail! I'm going to check out iHerb, though I've never heard of it before! I have been looking for a place that sells Real Techniques individual brushes as I really want to get my hands on the buffing brush!

    My favourite tea is...hahaha, Earl Grey. How boring of me. I love it with a little milk and brown sugar in the afternoon. In fact, I've got a cup brewing as we "speak"!

    xx -b.

  2. I have been missing the gym lately too! cant seem to sleep at night to much energy haha! :D great post and I love the real technique brushes they are amazing <3 following you back x

  3. oh ohhh i'm going to the gym today too! let's go together mentally hahaha:)
    won't go tomorrow though...
    my fave is definitely the chai tea latte <33 and everything else which reminds me of christmas:) love tea-season!!
    lots of love!! from a very rainy town... :(

  4. You make me laugh girl! Theres nothing worse than thinking you've gotten something for free then realising you actually paid for it ): And I know you love your tea but I'm not a big fan! The rest of my family drink herb teas, like peppermint tea! Hope your enjoying your week x

    Jess x

  5. Thats loads of lovely stuff! I do want those brushes :) Will buy them sometime :)