I´m going to Miami, bienvenido a Miami :D

I can hear Will Smith welcoming me in spanish already.. Bienvenido A Miami aaahhh..!

Well, more exactly I´m going to Florida! Not just Miami, it just sounds better..! WOHO!

OK, so this was such a spontaneous decision and I still can´t believe the tickets are booked and I´m so excited I might die!!

We we´re checking out for vacations like a week in Greece or Spain or something cheesy like that, and then my dad just randomly mentioned "Well, why don´t you just go to Miami?"..
Well.. Why don´t I just go to Miami?! I got the money (not much, but just enough), I can get the time.. I got a travel buddy... Uhm... well.. OK!!

Next thing - *plane tickets booked and purchased*

OMG I CAN FINALLY BUY ALL THE AMERICAN BRAND MAKEUP I CAN´T GET ONLINE OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! Maybe you all think it´s crap, but believe me, you haven´t been to Norway ha ha ha !!! ;-)

*Apologizing on behalf of myself for further crazy ramblings that can occur due to overload in my brain caused by vacation hysteria...or something like that*

I´m travelling with my bff and we´re gonna have a goooood timeeee :D

We´re arriving Orlando 7th of June in the evening and departing Orlando 12th of June in the afternoon.
My bff is busy with her finals right now and because of that we haven´t had the chance to sit down together and plan anything yet, so we have a lot of ideas going on, but not a schedule ;-)

The main idea is to rent a car for the whole stay (will fix this when we arrive), stay one or two nights in for example Kissimmee (we´re gonna book the first 1-2 days on beforehand, just to have that ready for when we arrive), visit the main attractions like Disney World etc. Outlet malls, Everglades perhaps etc.
(I´ve been in Disneyland in Paris and I know we need more than just a couple of hrs in there ;)

Then we´re gonna drive down to for example Fort Lauderdale, (IF there´s time, money and a good deal, not wasting time etc. maybe we can stop in West Palm (I know we can go from Ft.Lauderdale too) and go on a 1 day cruise to Bahamas!!??)

Then the plan is to just drive to Miami and if there´s time further down to Key West.
But we have to go back to Orlando in the end so not sure if there´s time enough to cover all that!
I mean, I know there´s plenty of time, but do we want to "waste" time by sitting in the car for 4 hrs when we could´ve been tanning at the beach?
Again, I guess there´s a lot to see by the road and various places to stop -  so I guess it adds up!?
(as mentioned below, no problem driving early, early in the morning or by night to save time).

We´re planning on a lot of shopping, eating, and spending way too much time on the beach or by the pool so.. Not sure yet..!! So much we wanna do! :D

As you can see, nothings planned and everything is possible! As long as we get time to shop, adventure and get tanned at the beach I´m fine :)

A couple of drinks wouldn´t hurt either!

As both my bff and myself are over average interested in travelling - we want to visit attractions and places that´s not too touristy also.. (if that´s even a word?)
You know?
I mean, Disney World, (maybe) Everglades etc. are a must see, and the shopping malls, the strip, the canals in Ft.Lauderdale etc. etc.

But I want to get info on something that´s worth seeing, but that´s not necessarily in a travel guide!!

This is where you come in guys :-)
Florida travel tips anyone?

Remember the fact that in addition of being over average interested in travelling, I am also over average in love with the idea of the United States. I´m a huge America lover. And I´ve been dreaming about going there since I was a kid.
Long story made short, my dream has come true, I´m going to USA, I wanna experience as much as possible on the shortest amount of time. 
And yes, I am completely avare of the fact that it´s not really like in the Hollywood movies;) I know the whole "America Lover", " been dreaming about USA since I was a kid" can sound a little naive and superficial, but relax - it´s just me being super-fascinated!

Neither of us are afraid to do things in an alternative way, if we can save some hours of a sunny day by driving during the night, we´ll do that!

So, please give me tips on everything from where to eat, where to buy makeup (both high end and drugstore), Makeup brands that´s worth checking out. Anywhere I can get for example Asian makeup brands?
Where to drive, where to get drinks, where to get my nails done, where I can get my hair done, whatever really!! :-)

And remember, I´m mainly on a budget, so nothing too pricey I guess, but let me be the judge of that :-)
I knooooow how boring being on a budget while in Florida, but it´s just because then I can shop more ! :D

Decorating this post in the name of Florida, lots of cheesy and inspirational photos from We<3it :)

FORMULA 10.0.6 - Skincare, Makeup, Bikini & Eyelash haul!

Hey everyone! I´m looking forward to tonights #bbloggers chat :)
Join us, if you haven´t already :) #bbloggers twitter chat

Wow, another haul, seems like it´s the only thing I´m doing lately...;P This is in fact my latest haul from during the weekend, but I have a few haul posts that have ended up in the draft drawer and still haven´t been posted.. So I have still a few goodies to show you ;-)

eBay lashes, Formula 10.0.6, IsaDora Matte powder, Maybelline 24hr Stay Powder, Batiste Brown Dry Shampoo, Neon Pink & Green Bikini!

FINALLY!! While I was studying at the hairdressing school last year, I lived in Oslo. I will not bragand say this is a shopping metropole, but there is a larger variety and selection of products in the stores there compared to the godforsaken town I live in now.

So as I was saying, last year when living in Oslo I came across this brand Formula 10.0.6 at the local drugstore. I liked the packaging and the price so I grabbed the "So Totally Clean" and "One Smooth Operator". I didn´t have any expectations... (a part from the highest expectations ever, as always when trying out new skincare products;).....

I used it for a while and.... I got so amazed, it was the best thing ever, my face was lovingggg it! :)

The months went by, I finished school and moved back home. My products were empty and when looking for new ones to repurchase - couldn´t find it anywhere! Even when I was in Oslo (which is quite often) I couldn´t find it. Now I didn´t really remember the name of the brand anymore and started thinking it might had been discontinued (I hadn´t heard of the brand before!) and when going to the drugstore I found similar products and seriously thought I had forgotten how it looked like, and bought a product that I actually thought was the one!

Oh man was I wrong.

***Keep reading (under the picture) for the rest of my heartbreaking and desperate search (
!!) for Formula 10.0.6*** ;-)

Swatches & Ingredients: 
So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser // Left: Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser (Passionfruit, Chamomile, Green Tea) // Middle: One Smooth Operator Pore Clearing Face Scrub (Zinc, Oat, Pumice) // Right: Picture Perfect Day Gel Moisturizer With SPF 15 (Guava, Vitamine C, Chamomile).

I remembered the words "smooth", "so clean" and then I started googleing. It took me like 3.5 seconds and there it was.......! I HAD FOUND IT, and it all came back to me, OFC it was FORMULA 10.0.6!!  I found it online but didn´t want the hassle ordering online, and on the other hand I was flat broke... BUT, BUT, BUT long story short, eh-he-he, I was in Oslo on Friday and I passed a drugstore similar to the one where I had bought the products the first time, I literally, stopped the second I saw it and walked backwards to the entrance, as I opened the door my eyes were zooming in and scanned the whole store... OH-EM-EFFING-GEE. IT.WAS.THERE. I bought the same two products I had used before and also a foaming cleanser for everyday use as the scrub is a bit hard on my faketan haha;) and also a day cream with SPF:) Sadly they didn´t have the mud masks, which I am seriously considering ordering online right now...

The reason why I´m so over ecstatic about this brand is really just because it has turned out to be quite the mission for me to find these products again, and I was just so relieved when I finally found them - so i´m making a big deal out of it;)

I hope my face is still in love - we´ll see soon enough:)

Also another thing that makes me smile - the price is nice! You´ll get a fair amount of product compared to the price, I think the packaging/design is super-cute. Formula - great. 
I love the scent of the products, and my face feels clean after using them.

Have you tried any of the products from Formula 10.0.6? Which one is your favorite?

Have you tried the mud masks?Did they do any wonders on your skin? 

I am totally addicted to fake lashes. Even though I have had a long period without them now (a combination of way to short amount of time in the morning, lazyness, lack of good lashglue, and the problems I have with my eyes)

Usually I wear Red Cherry or Ardell lashes, but I also buy a lot from eBay, good quality lashes for such a low cost. This time I ordered some natural strip lashes with invisible strip. They´re comfortable to wear and is perfect for everyday use at work.

Also couldn´t resist that delicious pink and green bikini, they had so many different colors I want to get them all! But pink goes first..;)
Mattifying powder is a must, and excited to try a coloured dry shampoo! It´s still a little to light for my haircolor, but works well if not sprayed on the top layers ;)

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick Swatches & Review

I´m so glad I came over these lippies on a sale!

I found out it was about 50% off, which means.. I just had to get more than one! ;)
They were getting rid of these colors as they were waiting for the new color range.

The first day I saw these I bought PK303 and BE109 - and I fell so much in love I had to get three more the next day:)

Top Picture - left to right:
RD 516
PK 303
PK 417
BE 109
RD 415

Swatches - left to right:
RD 415
RD 516
PK 417
PK 303
BE 109

The first thing that comes in mind when wearing these lippies are the fomula. They´re so soft and moisturizing! It´s a perfect combination of shine and matte. They´re not supershiny and not dry matte. Naturally enough, the lightest nude would need more reapplying than the red and pink one. I don´t feel that it stays on as long as the other shades, and wears off a lot quicker.

I have swatched two shades on my lips. I will swatch the other ones too, but these two are the ones that I use almost every day now :)

BE 109:

A nice nude, but it can come off slightly too light. If applied well and with makeup that matches - perfect.

PK 303:

This is my favorite shade, especially for everyday use. It´s such a nice shade and it´s easy to match with almost everything. It´s a natural nude, but with a hint of color without drawing to much attention.
Can seem a little dark on my arm, but then again my arm is white as a ghost..;)

RD 415:

This shade is extremely pigmented and color rich. It glides on so softly - I´m in love, it´s insane!
Such a nice red shade, perfect for a classic look or a night out. Or everyday use for that matter! I know I´m gonna use it at work..:)

PK 417:

Sorry, I must have been sleeping while making these collages, the name on the collage is wrong, it is PK 417 not RD 417.
WOW, did you say perfect for summer? I think so! Imagine this on a hot summer day sipping lemonade with bows in your hair and birds singing and...eeh... It´s a yes;-)
Super soft appliance, moisturizing and cute color!

RD 516:

And then we have this baby, ..hello party!
It doesn´t apply as smoothly as the red one, but it´s very close to it!
Super pigmented, and over all a lovely dark pink shade!
The color is more true on the swatch on my arm.
Lightning makes it more red than pink on the lips.

OK, "funfact" - if you haven´t noticed, I´ve done a huge mistake. The red and dark pink shades are so similar I have managed to put in the same swatch photo (middle bottom) in both collages.. Jezuz, seriously?!
TBH, they´re so similar I can´t tell the difference anymore :P

Do you have any of these Shiseido Lipstick?
Which one´s your favorite?