I´m going to Miami, bienvenido a Miami :D

I can hear Will Smith welcoming me in spanish already.. Bienvenido A Miami aaahhh..!

Well, more exactly I´m going to Florida! Not just Miami, it just sounds better..! WOHO!

OK, so this was such a spontaneous decision and I still can´t believe the tickets are booked and I´m so excited I might die!!

We we´re checking out for vacations like a week in Greece or Spain or something cheesy like that, and then my dad just randomly mentioned "Well, why don´t you just go to Miami?"..
Well.. Why don´t I just go to Miami?! I got the money (not much, but just enough), I can get the time.. I got a travel buddy... Uhm... well.. OK!!

Next thing - *plane tickets booked and purchased*

OMG I CAN FINALLY BUY ALL THE AMERICAN BRAND MAKEUP I CAN´T GET ONLINE OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! Maybe you all think it´s crap, but believe me, you haven´t been to Norway ha ha ha !!! ;-)

*Apologizing on behalf of myself for further crazy ramblings that can occur due to overload in my brain caused by vacation hysteria...or something like that*

I´m travelling with my bff and we´re gonna have a goooood timeeee :D

We´re arriving Orlando 7th of June in the evening and departing Orlando 12th of June in the afternoon.
My bff is busy with her finals right now and because of that we haven´t had the chance to sit down together and plan anything yet, so we have a lot of ideas going on, but not a schedule ;-)

The main idea is to rent a car for the whole stay (will fix this when we arrive), stay one or two nights in for example Kissimmee (we´re gonna book the first 1-2 days on beforehand, just to have that ready for when we arrive), visit the main attractions like Disney World etc. Outlet malls, Everglades perhaps etc.
(I´ve been in Disneyland in Paris and I know we need more than just a couple of hrs in there ;)

Then we´re gonna drive down to for example Fort Lauderdale, (IF there´s time, money and a good deal, not wasting time etc. maybe we can stop in West Palm (I know we can go from Ft.Lauderdale too) and go on a 1 day cruise to Bahamas!!??)

Then the plan is to just drive to Miami and if there´s time further down to Key West.
But we have to go back to Orlando in the end so not sure if there´s time enough to cover all that!
I mean, I know there´s plenty of time, but do we want to "waste" time by sitting in the car for 4 hrs when we could´ve been tanning at the beach?
Again, I guess there´s a lot to see by the road and various places to stop -  so I guess it adds up!?
(as mentioned below, no problem driving early, early in the morning or by night to save time).

We´re planning on a lot of shopping, eating, and spending way too much time on the beach or by the pool so.. Not sure yet..!! So much we wanna do! :D

As you can see, nothings planned and everything is possible! As long as we get time to shop, adventure and get tanned at the beach I´m fine :)

A couple of drinks wouldn´t hurt either!

As both my bff and myself are over average interested in travelling - we want to visit attractions and places that´s not too touristy also.. (if that´s even a word?)
You know?
I mean, Disney World, (maybe) Everglades etc. are a must see, and the shopping malls, the strip, the canals in Ft.Lauderdale etc. etc.

But I want to get info on something that´s worth seeing, but that´s not necessarily in a travel guide!!

This is where you come in guys :-)
Florida travel tips anyone?

Remember the fact that in addition of being over average interested in travelling, I am also over average in love with the idea of the United States. I´m a huge America lover. And I´ve been dreaming about going there since I was a kid.
Long story made short, my dream has come true, I´m going to USA, I wanna experience as much as possible on the shortest amount of time. 
And yes, I am completely avare of the fact that it´s not really like in the Hollywood movies;) I know the whole "America Lover", " been dreaming about USA since I was a kid" can sound a little naive and superficial, but relax - it´s just me being super-fascinated!

Neither of us are afraid to do things in an alternative way, if we can save some hours of a sunny day by driving during the night, we´ll do that!

So, please give me tips on everything from where to eat, where to buy makeup (both high end and drugstore), Makeup brands that´s worth checking out. Anywhere I can get for example Asian makeup brands?
Where to drive, where to get drinks, where to get my nails done, where I can get my hair done, whatever really!! :-)

And remember, I´m mainly on a budget, so nothing too pricey I guess, but let me be the judge of that :-)
I knooooow how boring being on a budget while in Florida, but it´s just because then I can shop more ! :D

Decorating this post in the name of Florida, lots of cheesy and inspirational photos from We<3it :)


  1. Awwww i'm so happy for you my dear! I've been several times to the US and it was always sooo much fun! I just can tell how awesome Las Vegas, San Francisco or LA is but a pity i've never been to Florida! Guess you'll spend all of your money for shopping since its cheap and fab! :)
    I can't wait for travel pics!!!

  2. Oh my god I am so jealous haha! You're going to have an amazing time, and think of all that incredible makeup you can buy :D xxx

    Gemma | ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. OMG, WE'RE GOING TO FLORIDA, Karoline!! :D:D:DD
    Can't wait to get done with my finals so we can plan out all the shopping and sites and beaches and touristplaces to se and to avoid ;D haha!
    So ridiculous to get soo exited over a trip, but it's going to be so much fun! Even this blog entry got me all exited all over again! :P

    Going to be the most awesome trip! ;D <3
    - Eva Kathrine

  4. And btw, I also want to type "Hakuna matata" in the sand! :D:D:D

    - Eva K ; )

  5. So jealous! Love to go to Florida in the future...

  6. Sounds fabulous, have a great travel dear! <3 <3

  7. How did I miss this??? How was the trip? Did you guys make it over to the Bahamas?


  8. omg im so jaalous right now!! i hope you have a great trip!!
    I've just started a fashion blog recently and would love for you to check it out:


    Follow for a follow? Thanks so much!xoxo