Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick Swatches & Review

I´m so glad I came over these lippies on a sale!

I found out it was about 50% off, which means.. I just had to get more than one! ;)
They were getting rid of these colors as they were waiting for the new color range.

The first day I saw these I bought PK303 and BE109 - and I fell so much in love I had to get three more the next day:)

Top Picture - left to right:
RD 516
PK 303
PK 417
BE 109
RD 415

Swatches - left to right:
RD 415
RD 516
PK 417
PK 303
BE 109

The first thing that comes in mind when wearing these lippies are the fomula. They´re so soft and moisturizing! It´s a perfect combination of shine and matte. They´re not supershiny and not dry matte. Naturally enough, the lightest nude would need more reapplying than the red and pink one. I don´t feel that it stays on as long as the other shades, and wears off a lot quicker.

I have swatched two shades on my lips. I will swatch the other ones too, but these two are the ones that I use almost every day now :)

BE 109:

A nice nude, but it can come off slightly too light. If applied well and with makeup that matches - perfect.

PK 303:

This is my favorite shade, especially for everyday use. It´s such a nice shade and it´s easy to match with almost everything. It´s a natural nude, but with a hint of color without drawing to much attention.
Can seem a little dark on my arm, but then again my arm is white as a ghost..;)

RD 415:

This shade is extremely pigmented and color rich. It glides on so softly - I´m in love, it´s insane!
Such a nice red shade, perfect for a classic look or a night out. Or everyday use for that matter! I know I´m gonna use it at work..:)

PK 417:

Sorry, I must have been sleeping while making these collages, the name on the collage is wrong, it is PK 417 not RD 417.
WOW, did you say perfect for summer? I think so! Imagine this on a hot summer day sipping lemonade with bows in your hair and birds singing and...eeh... It´s a yes;-)
Super soft appliance, moisturizing and cute color!

RD 516:

And then we have this baby, ..hello party!
It doesn´t apply as smoothly as the red one, but it´s very close to it!
Super pigmented, and over all a lovely dark pink shade!
The color is more true on the swatch on my arm.
Lightning makes it more red than pink on the lips.

OK, "funfact" - if you haven´t noticed, I´ve done a huge mistake. The red and dark pink shades are so similar I have managed to put in the same swatch photo (middle bottom) in both collages.. Jezuz, seriously?!
TBH, they´re so similar I can´t tell the difference anymore :P

Do you have any of these Shiseido Lipstick?
Which one´s your favorite?


  1. Wow ! 50% off ?! That's a really great deal !
    I love the light pink one !

  2. Beautiful colours. They look so smooth. Love the red shade


  3. Beautiful colors!!

    I started following you on GFC and I hope you can do the same for me! Thanks!