Miss Deliriums Outfit

Hi sweeties!

The dress I wore in my mothers birthday party :)

I'm wearing a maxi dress from Top Shop. I got it in London last year, and I love it! :)
MAC Vegas Volt on my lips, I think it matches the dress perfecly!
Also wore some cute orange wedges, but they dont show on the pics..

P/S: hehe.. yes, i know i probably went a little crazy on the blur tool.. but i promise you, thats all it is! and a little brightness/contrast, just standard changes. No color changes, and im not wearing contacts;) Wich means, my camera takes fab photos!! :)

Cheesecake with Rosemary Jelly Topping

Here's the other cake I made for my mothers birthday party :)
It's one of my FAVOURITE cakes everrrrrr. I love Cheesecake, espc. this one. 

It's a regular (but faaaaantastic) cheesecake with cheese filling, tasting lime and kiwi.
You can't see it in the picture, but theres's a macaroncake under the cheesefilling :) :)

I've decorated it with rosemary leaves and lemon zest (I also have some of this in the cheesefilling) and rosepepper :)

Pink Raspberry Cream Chocolate Cake w. Vanilla Bean Frosting

Here's one of the cakes I made for my mothers birthdayparty on saturday!

I have to admit that the photos are a bit messy, but Im not a pro food blogger, and I didnt really have time to anything else than just snap some pics of it before it got eaten up by hungry guests! ;)

Its a chocolate cake with raspberry cream inside :) The frosting made the cake look soooo cartoonish! Do you know what I mean?? :)

It tasted soooo delicious! Sadly I didnt even get to eat a whole slice.. Just a few bites..:/ I guess I'll have to make it again very soon! ;)

I'm going to post pictures of the other cakes as well, Cheesecake with Rosemary jelly topping :) YUUUUMMMMM, its my favourite cake ever <3

Coming tomorrow! Also some pics of my outfit that night :)

I going to bed, super tired after first day at school after a busy weekend ;)


In a hurry lately ~ pics of school, new Samsung NX100.

OK, bear with me through this time with such few updates! Please:)

There's so many new thing happening right now, all at once! And so much stress, travelling back and forth.

I'm in the middle of starting school as you all know already, and I'm in a hell of a moving chaos ;) I haven't really got to settle anywhere yet. So there's so much stress reagarding this.

After my first week of school, I'm returning back home to celebrate my mums 50th birthday this weekend (tonight). She's having a party with her friends and I'm helping her out with serving of food, and baking some cakes.

I hardly get to see my bf because I have to leave already tomorrow afternoon..:/ But, we get to see eachother at least a few hours. :) Thankfully I think that the week flyes by so quickly, so before I know it it will be friday again and then I have time to spend with him! :D

I have some new MAC purchases that I will show you, and ofc pictures of the cakes!

But right now you would just have to live with some pics of my school and my new camera, I love it! :)

The macro dissapointed me, and I think the pictures turns out a little out of focus. But hopefully, when I learn myself to use the camera correctly, they turn out better too :)

Some photos from school, we've been practicing different blow drying techniques :)

My first day at Adam & Eva Hairdressing Academy :)

Hi sweeties, I'm online again, after some long 24+hours without internet, he-he:P

Well, my first day as a hairdresser student is over, and I'm so looking forward to the next 6 months! 
I had such a great day!
It was only information and all that kinda things today, but we're starting on the theory tomorrow, and going to start practicing in about two weeks. It's so exciting:)

Sadly I havent taken any pictures, as I don't have a new camera yet.. But these are at least pictures taken from my schools website.

One of my classrooms :)

~ Has anyone of you started any studies yet?
If so, what are you studying? :) ~

Moving, New studies and Camera recommendations?

Just wanna inform you guys that I'm gonna be without internet for a couple of days I think (hopefully I'll have it again by tomorrow night already tho':)

Other news, I'm right in the middle of moving chaos, because I'm starting new studies tomorrow! Gosh, so exciting! I'm starting at a hairdresser academy, so finally I'm gonna be what I've been dreaming of for so many years :)

I've been so stressed the last few days, I didn't manage to get some time off work so I've been working nightshifts and it has totally blewed my plans on getting all the work with moving done on time..




Ok, just had to let that out ;)

Well, either way, I think tomorrow's gonna be a good day :) It will be exciting to meet new people, finally getting all the information about the studies that I've been wondering about lately, and I have a to-do list ready in my head that I can't wait to get done.

I wanna go to Zara to find some new clothes :)
Buy a wireless internet modem!
Buy new schoolstuff.
Buy a new camera

At home I have a Canon EOS 400D and my sister got a Canon EOS 600D, since the 400D isn't only mine, I can't bring it with me. So I'll need a new one for myself!

I don't want to spend too much money, and since I got quality cameras home, I don't need another one like that. I'm thinkin something in the price range $500 - $550.

And I want it to be smaller so it's easier to bring with me everywhere :)

Ofcourse it has to be a good camera, as I said I'm used to the canon cameras, and I don't want a camera thats takes crappy photos!

I have found two cameras in the price range that I mentioned:

Samsung NX100 w/iFn 20-50mm 

Olympus PEN E-PL1 kit



I got no single clue whether these cameras are good or not, or if they satisfies what I'm looking for...


Anyone here got any experience with these cameras?

Other recommendations?