In a hurry lately ~ pics of school, new Samsung NX100.

OK, bear with me through this time with such few updates! Please:)

There's so many new thing happening right now, all at once! And so much stress, travelling back and forth.

I'm in the middle of starting school as you all know already, and I'm in a hell of a moving chaos ;) I haven't really got to settle anywhere yet. So there's so much stress reagarding this.

After my first week of school, I'm returning back home to celebrate my mums 50th birthday this weekend (tonight). She's having a party with her friends and I'm helping her out with serving of food, and baking some cakes.

I hardly get to see my bf because I have to leave already tomorrow afternoon..:/ But, we get to see eachother at least a few hours. :) Thankfully I think that the week flyes by so quickly, so before I know it it will be friday again and then I have time to spend with him! :D

I have some new MAC purchases that I will show you, and ofc pictures of the cakes!

But right now you would just have to live with some pics of my school and my new camera, I love it! :)

The macro dissapointed me, and I think the pictures turns out a little out of focus. But hopefully, when I learn myself to use the camera correctly, they turn out better too :)

Some photos from school, we've been practicing different blow drying techniques :)


  1. Yay for new camera! Can't wait to see more pics!! Practicing on a mannequin looks so much fun!

  2. Love these pics, your new camera takes fantastic photos! x

  3. Wow it sounds like you are incredibly busy, but your life is filled with so much fabulousness! I hope your mom had a wonderful 50th birthday. :) Good luck with school!