Moroccan Oil

A product that I absolutely LOVE is Moroccan Oil ~ Oil Treatment for all hair types.

A leave-in multiproduct :)

I'm a huge fan of Biosilk Oil Therapy too, anybody else here using it?

I´m definitely finding the Moroccan Oil way better for my hair that Biosilk now.. (edit: I´m also using it on almost all of my clients at work!)

Compared to Biosilk it has a slightly lighter scent, but Moroccan Oil smells sooooo good too (I mean, Biosilk smells like heaven..) and the oil itself somehow just feels more natural/organic! And not to mention lighter! It doesn't weigh your hair down, which is a big plus for me as I have such thin and fine hair.. I feel it absorbs a little faster than Biosilk so if you don't put on too much your hair won't seem greasy. Leaves your hair smooth and silky and with a lovely scent! Also gives you a non-frizzy look :)

I sometimes use it during the night, I put on a shitload in my whole hair and let it work all night long while I have my beautysleep:) I also leave in a small amount everyday when my hair is freshly shampooed and towel dried :)

In addition to make your hair smooth and silky, it gives shine to your hair and also works as a heatprotection!

Another HUGE plus:

The banner says:
Moroccanoil is proud to bear these symbols on our products. None of our products are tested on animals. Whenever possible, we use recycled packacing materials.’’

They got so many amazing products, gosh I just wanna buy them all! :)

EDIT: Ok, since I just started using this oil I haven't really experienced any downsides with the product yet:) But there are at least one thing that I don't have to experience myself before informing you guys about. Silicone.

Silicone-based products have great detangling properties and leaves your hair feeling smooth and soft, with a silky and shiny appearance. Great huh?:) Well, this is not necessarily your hair itself after a repairing process but rather the silicone that envelops around your hair. So if you got dry and damaged hair it will feel and look much better right after using the oil, but the damage is not right away eliminated, just hidden, one can say;) But the Moroccan Oil really does wonders to your hair and it gives a lot of moisture and care.

I won't stop using this product just because it contains silicone.

Because, however; used in moderation and with use of some good clarifying and conditioning treatments once in awhile, I still think Moroccan Oil is a great product:) And it really make my hair absolutely fantastic. And I haven´t had one single client who doesn´t like it.

BTW, a thanks to the lovely
Ela for the comment reminding me to inform all of you who didn't already know:)

Have you tried Moroccan Oil?
Do you like it?


  1. So many people love the Moroccan Oil, I really need to get myself some~

  2. Thank you so so much for your lovely comment on my blog!
    It seriously made me smile and very happy! :D
    I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog!

    as far as as Morrocan Oil goes, I own a small bottle myself and I have to say I'm quite disappointed! When I first tried it I was so WOW-ed but when I looked at the ingredients it really set me back! It contains Silicon which gives you this nice feeling when you use it. Never the less Silicone is known to be bad for your hair.

    I hope that helped... :)

  3. I love Morroccan Oil! It makes my super frizzy and nappy hair soft and shiny!

  4. I havent - great review - thank you for your lovely comment very happy to follow back x

  5. Thank you sooooo much for your soooo sweet and kind comments and for the following! <3<3<3
    You look like one very womderful girl!!
    This Moroccan Oil seems awesome, but I guess that I would not find it in Bulgaria..


  6. I've heared so many good things about this oil, have to get my hands on a bottle after my month of not spending any money ends!
    xo Elien

  7. Thx soo much for the product review on Moroccan Oil! I've been using Bio Silk for the logest time but have heard great things about this oil. I'm def gonna try it out.

    xoxo, Ally

  8. I was like, no kidding?? I just bought Morrocan oil. I mean the type you put on your salad not on your head haha! Although who knows, maybe you can use a little bit for that too! This product sounds amazing. I LOVE the smell of biosilk. If this works I may have to try it out too!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
    That Girl in Pearls

  9. Does it promote hair growth??

  10. I think it'd be interesting to try something like #108. I'm so bad with makeup though and I never know what kind of tones look good on me! I only have a basic red and pink (as vague as that is...haha)


  11. ahh, thanks so much for posting this!
    i've been wanting to try moroccan oil for the longest time and have heard nothing but amazing reviews on it.
    i think i may just have to give in and try it out.
    i have thin/ fine hair too, so i was really glad to see that it actually works wonderfully on hair like ours!

    ps. NOOO! Mr. Skarsgard is having little adorable Swedish babies with meee. ahaha. x.

  12. awesome post!!

    i did try it! and i love it!

  13. Om du liker oljebaserte produkter til håret anbefaler jeg Alexander Sprekenhus sin Elixir. Den bruker vi til det aller meste i salongen og blir ikke like "tung" som andre oljer blir. Fantastisk produkt og er basert på samme oljetype som Moroccan Oil (Arganolje, regner jeg med). Lukter deilig og det er et norskt merke tilpasset spesielt for nordisk hår! Check it out ;)

    SV: Takk!

  14. I use moroccan oil now moore than I year and I dont wanna miss it ever<3