My first day at Adam & Eva Hairdressing Academy :)

Hi sweeties, I'm online again, after some long 24+hours without internet, he-he:P

Well, my first day as a hairdresser student is over, and I'm so looking forward to the next 6 months! 
I had such a great day!
It was only information and all that kinda things today, but we're starting on the theory tomorrow, and going to start practicing in about two weeks. It's so exciting:)

Sadly I havent taken any pictures, as I don't have a new camera yet.. But these are at least pictures taken from my schools website.

One of my classrooms :)

~ Has anyone of you started any studies yet?
If so, what are you studying? :) ~


  1. I absolutely love the start of new school year/ semester. I am no longer a student, but still miss going back in the fall, especially those first few days. Can't wait to read more about your adventures and hopefully see some of what you are doing!

  2. Congrats!! What a gorgeous school!! First day of school--how exciting! you're going to be a great hairdresser! Best of luck!

  3. hey thank you (again ;) ) for your nice comment!
    I wish you a lot of luck with your search for the perfect pastel sandals. unfortunately I haven't seen any....

    I wish you a great third day at the hair dressing academy! :)


  4. ..woow , your new school looks fabulous , I wish you have a great time there ..

  5. I'm so happy that you stumbled upon my blog and that you enjoy it, I'm quite honoured. Also I am loving your blog as well, and congrats on your new classes -- how exciting!!

    I'm your newest follower as well :)

  6. PS. I'm following you on twitter as well! ♥