Shopping Haul :)

Went on a little shopping spree yesterday :)

I was hoping to might find some new clothes and stuff before I start school again.. But to be honest I didn't find anything that really caught my eye... Just boring normal clothes like plain tshirts or pants that dont fit me.. Gaaaahhhh... I wanna go to shopping in London!!!!!!!!

Oh well, I managed to find something afterall, some accessories and shoes on sale :)
If I dont find any new outfits, well then I would just have to spice up what I already have!

Somehow I just got inspired to buy colorful shoes/accessories lately!

Turquoise flats on sale, from H&M :)

Orange wedges on sale, from H&M :)

 Couldn't resist these cute camo colored flats...:) From Bianco.

Heaven on earth! I bought this lipgloss last year or something and I just absolutely LOVED it!!! But when I was about to buy a new one.. I couldn't find it anywhere?! I think they stopped producing it :/
But I found ONE yesterday on sale.. Probably the last one ever..:/

Feather Necklace, H&M.
I really went crazy with the orange, I know.. I'm NOT planning on wearing it all toghether!
I guess that would be a perfect example on what one can call overkill;)
BTW the ornagey color is nicer irl :)

Feather necklace, H&M
Since I ove feathers I couldn't resist buying it in this color as well.. I wear black alot so.....

The color is much nicer irl! Matches the shoes perfectly:)
I'm thinking something plain with skinny jeans, this belt and the orange wedges :)

Or just the shoes and this in my hair!
Im actually not much of making-hairdo's-with-different-hairclips- kinda girl.. But since I'm starting at the Hairdressers academy I guess it could be smart learning how to do different types of hairdo's, and then I would need to have hairclips neccessarily! ;)

Feather earrings, Glitter.
Feathers again! The color matches my dark hair :)

Didn't get anything fancy.. Ended up buying most of it on H&M.. I combined my need to not spend alot of money with the fact that I actually didn't find anything fancy!! :P

I don't think I have ever bought so much colorful stuff in my whole entire life.. I'm like plain black/white/grey girl. And if I'm really "on the wild side" I get something pink ;)
But so far I really like what I got, and can't wait to match up some outfits with it :)


  1. Great stuff. Beautiful shoes =)

  2. Gorgeous purchases,hon!Love every single one!

  3. i adore everything you bought, especially those black flats!

  4. Fabulous purchases! And thx so much for stopping by today. So happy to meet u :)

  5. Hi ! How are you?
    Thank you cutie :D

  6. Love your shoes and your feather necklace!

  7. i need to get the turquoise flats!! they are so pretty!!

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  8. I love the orange heels and the flats as well :)

    Yeah going back to blond would be a harsh process. It took me about 8 bleach and 5 toner sessions to get it all right. My hair used to be long and noe it medium length but I'm growing it.

    Wow you going to beauty school. That's cool. I loved it when I went and now I've been in the beauty industry for two years and I love it.

  9. cool blog)

  10. I love your blog ...and so I follow you here and on bloglovin..I hope that u follow met too
    kiss Erika ♥

  11. those orange wedges are really cute! love them! and feather pieces are always so fun for the season

    thanks for passing the blog award to me btw!!! :D I've done the 7 things in the past I'll see if I can think of 7 new things!