Fall Manicure OPI Lincoln Park After Dark & Which is Witch? *Fall Series*

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark & Which is Witch
OPI Which is Witch Nailpolish
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark & Which is Witch

I really like dark nail polish and especially now during Fall/Winter, 

I opted for OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. I wanted some glitter as well and went for OPI Which is Witch on my ring fingers :)
Two coats and One coat with Fast Drying Top Coat.
(Picture No. 2 & No. 3 are after I reapplied today)
Lincoln Park After Dark is described as "Where Midnight Meets Purple".
It is so close to black, but it's not black... In the sunlight you can clearly see it has some purple to it and if you're wearing only one coat it will be even clearer:)
Such a perfect color for me and Which is Witch makes it a little glam and fun too :)
I used my new Inglot Fast Drying Top Coat and I am very pleased!
First and foremost because it actually dried SO FAST! I had never imagined, and not a scratch..
It's also very glossy - and that I love ;-)
(This is a picture from my Inglot haul, that's why my nails are French manicured;)

To me there's nothing quite like well manicured, long nails.

I haven't had gel/acrylic nails done since last Christmas (!!) so when I finally decided to treat myself with a new pair I was pretty excited :)

I used to always have long gel/acrylic nails, but after I started working as a hairdresser it was so hard to keep them nice looking at all times - most parts of the day I keep my hands in either itchy gloves or in running water. That's not the perfect ingredient for nice nails ;) Not to mention all the stains from hair dye! Yes, that happens. Even with the gloves on.
Not only this but my nails grow pretty fast so I am in need for refill after only a week and a half really. I can't stand the gap. Still I never manage to get that done though.
So I just ended up having a (way too long) break from acrylic/gel nails!

..Until last month. As I am not working at the moment I wanted to get some new nails since I could actually manage to maintain them. And I have! I have had refill done once, and last week I also treated myself with a manicure.

I should probably not have done that though - because now I am addicted!
As of today it has lasted for one and a half week and it is almost just as nice as when I left the salon! If it hadn't been for my screw up (pouring aceton on my hands) today, I wouldn't have to remove it and reapply it myself.

I genuinely suck at painting my own nails, I am just not careful enough and I certainly do not have patience enough!
I can tell you already it's not happening - I'm just finished with the first layer and here I am already typing on my keyboard writing this post - Hello scratches *SIGH*
(In the end I actually managed to finish and with a lot better result than I was hoping for;))

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Nails

The picture above is of my nails (manicure done at the salon) after a week, so you can clearly see some scratches and it's not as glossy anymore. But it's still pretty good to be a week old! I wish I managed to do such a nice manicure, I always mess up around the edges and even though I clean up with q-tips after I still can't get it perfect, haha:) Well, I guess that nail salon have a new returning customer! ;)
I am actually going back next Tuesday, not sure whether to do refill or new ones yet, have to see how long they've grown..

I am definitely going to start getting better at treating my nails and maintaining them with nice polishes - it's so fun! I used to do gel nails myself, and I loved it. Maybe I'll start doing that again too...

How do you prefer doing your nails, yourself or do you get them done at a nail salon? 

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"


  1. Oh I love the combination of silver and black. The contrast of the two colours were made for each other :)
    Your nails look perfect and beautiful.
    I've nominated you for an Inspired Blog Award hun x
    Keep up the beautiful blogging x

  2. Firstly I love the cute and creative names of these polishes, the Lincoln Park one is so mysteriously dark and sultry and love the sparkle of the other one. I didn't know you could buy it over ebay, thanks for the tip. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by :)

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  4. Like your manicure. It's perfect for me;)
    i'm following you now and hope you'll back:)