Purchases from Shiseido Event - Shiseido IBUKI Refining Moisturizer, Cleanser & Softener + Dior Addict Lipsticks.

Hi everyone!

Today I've been running some errands and I visited my colleagues at work which was so nice! I bought some stuff to get my blog notebook organized (I'm a notebook-addict) and I actually managed to buy some clothes. Only basic stuff, but nice basic stuff. I've been wearing too much sweatpants and oversized sweaters lately I just had to..

Last night I attended a Shiseido makeup/skincare event together with my mum and sister. It was hosted at the local perfumery and it was a fun get-together :)

Shiseido IbUKI Skincare, Dior Addict lipstick

The Shiseido consultant talked a little about their skincare and some of their makeup. And of course there were some discounts for us who attended - YAY!

I love Shiseido lipsticks, they are absolutely amazing, but I was more interested in picking up some of their skincare this time. I thought it was a great opportunity as the discount would make it a little easier to "splurge" on items like these. Even though it's not a splurge - it's my skin!

I don't know too much about Shiseido skincare (I'm only familiar with their pore minimizing cream) so I asked for advice on what to use on my acne suffering skin.
The lady recommended the IBUKI series, a day and night moisturizer which should be a perfect match for acne skin. I really wanted the cleanser and softener too, but of course they didn't have it.
What they did have though, was that huge red box which contained a full size hand cream (don't really need more hand cream though) and mini sized softener (15ml), mini sized cleanser (30ml) and mini sized moisturizer "enriched". The enriched cream is not suitable for acne skin as it is a heavier cream, so I won't be using that. I grabbed the box as it was pretty cheap and I can try the products out and buy the full sized ones if I feel they make a difference to my skin :)

So far I've only used the products twice and all I can say is that I really, really love the smell (the smell of clean soap). And I don't know if it was a coincidence, but when I woke up this morning my skin was really soft and my acne was extremely calm, my skin tone was SO even I can't even describe what joy I felt. I mean, no my acne wasn't gone, but my skin had an even color, it wasn't all red and flamey and it actually felt smooth!

I'm going to use this products for a while longer before I feel comfortable doing a whole review. It might just be a coincidence that my skin was so nice today so I won't get my hopes up too high.

I also grabbed two Dior Addict lipsticks, I kinda regret buying one of them, but.. I've already tried it on and yeah.. It's a nice color, great for everyday brown/nude lips, I'm just left with the feeling I didn't really need it and I don't get that feeling too often, hehe! Will do a swatch/review post on them both of course :)

And then the purse! I had some money from my birthday, and I figured I wanted to used them on this! It was really cute and even though I have a ton of purses/bags I don't actually have a nice one for parties/nicer occasions. With the discount it came out pretty cheap as well :)

Do you have any experience with Shiseido skin care?

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium


  1. I've used a bunch of Shiseido products and I love them! They're pretty pricey though! Your clutch is gorgeous! Have a great weekend :)

    1. Good to hear! It's a brand that I trust and I have positive experience already with my new products! :) Some of their products are preeetty pricey yeah, my mum bought this insane cream (ya know, for older skin, hehe) - I sticked to the more reasonable priced series, and with 25% off it turned out ok :)) Thanks! Have a lovely weekend too :) x

  2. I've tried a few of their products, and they are great! The Dior Addict lipsticks are fabulous arent they? xx