The Body Shop Colourglide Shine Lip Colour "Iced Violet" Review & Swatches *Fall Series*

A picture of The Body Shop Colourglide Lip Color Iced Violet
The Body Shop Colourglide Lip Color Iced Violet swatch
The Body Shop Colourglide Lip Color Iced Violet swatch

My last lipstick posts have been rather on the dark side, so what if you don't feel completely comfortable wearing a dark lip? Still you want something that's not screaming Summer!

Fear not, I have a wonderful piece of lipstick here to share with you! And it is one that has become an instant favorite of mine for those days I want something just a little bit more neutral than for example Cyber ;)

This is The Body Shop Colourglide Shine Lipstick in the color 05 Iced Violet.
For some reason when I hear "Iced" I think of frosted finish, I'm not a huge frosted finish fan - but I can assure you there's nothing frosted with this lippie! It's so smooth and it applies like a dream, it doesn't dry out to quickly and even though my lips are crazy dry these days it didn't feel any discomfort regarding this during the time I wore it.

"Iced Violet" is a beautiful color and I feel it's really suitable for Fall because it doesn't have that bright look to it.. It's a nice addition for those who feel more comfortable with a nude lip than with a darker lip :) It's definitely a build able color so you can wear it like a really nice sheer tint or the way I do it :)

Do you have favorite nude color for Autumn/Winter? :)

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"


  1. I'll admit, I didn't like the first photo at all, but then seeing the complete photo I think it looks beautiful! I am so bad at changing the colours I like because of the season. My go-to nude shade isn't really nude, more peachy. It's called Pleasure Seeker by MAC and it's LE so I'm going to be heartbroken when it's all used up! Looks like sooner than later :(

    xx -b.

    1. I can see what you mean, the complete photo is a lot more true to the color than the first one:)
      I've become so much better at changing up the colors I like, and it's so much more fun :P
      Normally I would just go with a regular nude, but now I'm better at experimenting:)
      Awe, thats too bad, I usually don't buy LE because I know it's so frustrating when it's all used up:( I end up not using it because I never want it to end:P I feel you:( xx

  2. The colour looks very pretty on you, xoxo.

  3. You are SOOOOOO pretty!!!!! This looks like a gorgeous shade, and I love the Body Shop lipsticks as they have such a lovely formula xx

  4. This is such a great colour, i haven't used lipstick before from the body shop but i may have to give it ago x

    Jess x

  5. its a pretty shade and i think it might look nice on me too :)