MAC Rebel Lipstick *Photos & Swatches* + Advertise with me? *Fall Series*

Mac Rebel Lipstick Swatch
A picture of a Mac Rebel Lipstick review
Mac Rebel Lipstick review

Today I went to see my little brothers soccer game tonight and I had two Pumpkin Spice Lattes..;) 

I promised you Mac Rebel today, and I can tell you I simply love it!  ;)
You know, I love almost everything...
Simply because a) I rarely buy things I don't like and b) I rarely buy things I haven't researched/tested out first.. But mostly because I love everything...
One thing I didn't love (at least not yet after, what is it now, three-four weeks?) is Effaclar Duo...! I had such high hopes.. But that story I would like to share with you in a another post - I'm just debating HOW much I am gonna share with you as it would be a skin focused post you know.
Am I going to share my bare poor acne skin so others like me can take comfort and know that they are not alone in the world? Or am I just going to tell you about my problems and just keep on posting pictures where my skin of course looks flawless...... Hmmm decisions decisions..

Well over to Rebel, as we all can see the lip swatch close-up isn't exactly showing it's true color as it it very bright and pink! But it was a little hard to get good photos of the close up and catch the true color because of my lightning. You will see a more true swatch on the last three photos :)

This is such a nice shade and it is clearly an everyday lipstick! Different from Cyber, this is a lipstick I would easily just throw on without hesitation whether I am just going out to run some errands or have coffee with my friends.

I used Mac Beet lipliner on these swatches, but it is sooo cool using Nightmoth too! I might just put up a swatch of that later - how did I not do that in the first place? I do not know :)

This is a perfect lipstick for Fall and most of my lipstick on the blog these days are too, you know I'm obsessed by Fall and I couldn''t even in my wildest dreams think of wearing a summery lipstick now - haha! My body and mind is just sooo into the whole Fall/Winter time now.. So weird...

To me this is perfect because it is not too dark and it is not too bright, simple as that. It has that dark berry/plum color and you can play around with the layering. Try layering on top of Nightmoth, and you will get a much more bolder look right away! 

And it just occurred to me that I have too many lipsticks and too few days to wear them!
Or no, wait, I have too few lipsticks, but also too few days.. Or.. Whatever! My point is that I CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH LIPSTICKS ;)

Can you? What is your favorite makeup product?

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"


  1. Absolutely gorgeously rich colour, suits you wonderfully! I appreciate your thoughts hun...Happy End of the Week!

  2. Hi there! Thank you so much for sponsoring on my blog. (:
    I love all the beauty posts you do, may I ask what kind of camera you use? Your pictures are amazing! I just bought an ad spot on here, let's stay in touch!!

  3. Rebel is my all time favorite lipstick. It's just so pretty. Looks great on you! xx

  4. ooh the colors look great on you, love the vibrant pink!

  5. You can absolutely never have too many lipsticks ;) I just picked up a Rimmel lippie that is a dupe fo this and I love it!


  6. Very pretty shade!!! Definitely something I'd opt for. :)
    I've probably mentioned this many times before, but your skin looks flawless!

    Beauty from the Fjord xxx

  7. I love Rebel. It looks quite dark in the tube but on the lips it's actually quite bright and I am loving it so much right now as well!

    Hilary | x

  8. That colours looks omg! on you :)

    1. Haha you always say the cutest things :) Thanks sweetie! xx

  9. Wow that colour is amazing, you look perfect, so jealous of your eyes and clear skin! I really want to buy the Rebel lipstick now;) Fancy following each other? Let me know!:)x

    1. Omg, thank you for such lovely compliments hun! My makeup and camera is really nice to me though, I do struggle with acne and I am just so thankful I'm able to cover most of it up:)
      You should really buy Rebel, such a wonderful color perfect for everything hihi :) xx