Autumn/Winter Essentials For My Hands

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Luckily I am not of those who struggle with extremely dry skin or eczema or something like that, but I tend to get quite dry and itchy hands during the Autumn/Winter months. Much is because I spend most of my days with my hands in water because of my job, I also react to the gloves I usually wear at work.

Since I don't work right now I have noticed a clear change and my hands are much better than they would normally be around this time, but I still treat them with different lotions to prevent any breakouts :)

Also we have had very mild weather lately, a lot of rain! I guess around Christmas time it will change and be down in perhaps -20 degrees, if not more. If you add cold wind as well it means it's not very good for your hands! Your hands and your face needs extra care during such extreme conditions as those are the parts of your body having least protection in form of clothes. 

I have a few favorites:

This cream is for dry/very dry and damaged hands. It has a very thick formula and offers intense hydration to seal in moisture and restore the skin's natural barrier.I find the fragrance pleasing and it is supposed to be tolerated by sensitive skin. However, when my hands are VERY dry and sore it can feel a bit stingy. My number one advice for restoring your sore hands is to use this during the night. 

Cotton Gloves. (£2.59)
When I want to restore my dry and damaged hands I simply put on a very thick layer of cream on both hands and then put on some cotton gloves (I bought mine at the pharmacy). Then I sleep with it over night. It might feel a bit funny, and it sure does look funny - but I can assure you I wake up with the softest hands and it doesn't take more than one-two nights until my hands are completely restored! Oh and btw, this is awesome to do with your feet as well! You can use any sock you want, but cotton socks is best.

TOKYOMILK / Bon Bon Shea butter Lotion No. 10 Honey & The Moon. ($20)
Key Ingredients: Japanese Green Tea, Mimosa Bark and Dandelion with rich Shea Butter.Subtly sweet: Honey, Sugared Violet, Jasmine & Sandalwood

Key Ingredients: Japanese Green Tea, Mimosa Bark and Dandelion with rich Shea Butter.
Romantic & Ethereal: Deep Vanilla, Exotic Wood, White Orchid, Ebony.

These two are more for daily, everyday use. It's the perfect hand lotion to bring with you in your bag and they look very cool!They both smell amazing and the scent stays on your hands for some time, I really like that:) It gives a lot of moisture and my hands feel very soft and nice after using it. This is a lotion, it has a thinner formula and is easy to apply. It absorbs quickly into my skin and it doesn't feel sticky or oily. I can't get over how cute the packaging are!

Soap & Glory Hand Food. (Travel Size $5)

Another everyday use hand cream! This is a non-greasy cream and contains shea butter, macadamia oil and ...marshmallows? The packaging is so cute, and it smells heavenly!I'm a huge fan of Soap & Glory and this is a product I find myself repurchasing over and over.

Coconut Oil. ($3.91)

A cheap and nice alternative. I like keeping my skin moisturized using coconut oil and it is something I always have lying around. I tend to put it in my hair before I go to bed and I will also rub it on my hands. I guess this is perfect for very sensitive skin, 100% pure oil and no fragrance whatsoever. This is from Thailand and it is soon all gone! The timing couldn't be better though as this 100% pure oil doesn't last that long.

This smells so good! A nice sweet almond scent. It says it's for all skin types, so to me this is more a everyday lotion. It moisturizes hands and nails - which is a bonus since it's so important to treat your nails as well :)
As you can see I've used this quite a bit, I used to bring it to work and it is perfect for that because it is a very thin lotion, it absorbs quickly and it does not leave your hands sticky.

This is a super-creamy balm, and it penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturize you hands.
It has Shea butter in it, and for some reason I love everything with Shea butter. It also contains honey, almond extract and coconut oil! It has a light perfumed scent to it and it does not leave any oily residue on you hands :)

I have not used this too much, mainly because I have so many favorites it is hard to use them all, ha-ha!
How I got his is actually a funny story, I was on my way home from Thailand and I was buying some stuff in the taxfree and I spent way too much money. As I was packing up my stuff I suddenly saw this lying there, with all of my stuff, that I just payed for.
They always have this brand lying around everywhere at the airport and I thought that either a) it's free, some sort of campaign, I've spent too much money and I get a free product.. or b) somebody forgot it, that means it's free, it's kinda mean, but.... but, free, and it's lying there with all of my stuff which I kinda think is because of a).

I didn't bother to ask, so of course I just packed it with all of my other stuff. And I was super happy since I got a free product, seriously! When did I become so lucky!?
When I got home, I packed out all of my new stuff and I was ready to admire them as I always do when I buy nice beauty products.
When I spend way too much money I rarely look at the receipt as that is just cruel. But this time, I did, and to my HORROR - what was on the bottom of that freaking receipt? Costing me $32?! (it is more expensive in Norway)
KARMA!!!! It must have already been lying at the desk, or the woman behind the cash register tricked me! I don't know, all I know is that I payed $32 for a hand cream I never thought of buying :)

Oh well, I can always use another hand cream ;)

How do you protect your hands during Autumn/Winter? 
What is your favorite product/brand?

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"


  1. I Karla, I am a self confessed hand cream using addict, I always carry one or two in my bag. These are such excellent suggestions. Love Soap & Glory and the Tokyo Milk seems quite good as well. Thanks for your fashionable insight, may your week be an inspiring one :)

  2. I LOVE coconut oil. i use it for everything: hands, hair, body and face. and it smells sooo good :)
    xx romi

  3. Fabulous suggestions! My hands are always getting itchy this time of year. I think I might have to go pick up that soap and glory one ;)

    xx -b.

  4. Such nice products and reviews... I also like l'occitane...and usually use "rose"

    Have a nice week dear

  5. My hands are starting to get dry now too, think I need to invest in some cotton gloves!

  6. I've tried the rose scented variant of the Body Shop lotion and it was divine. I've heard of the coconut oil trick too but I've always been worried about feeling too greasy afterwards.

    1. You don't need a lot of oil and it is very light - it absorbs rather quickly if you don't apply too much :))

  7. Wow how amazing is the packaging on the Tokyo Milk products?! I love them! I've only tried the Hand Food handcream and I really like it xx
    Gemma //

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  9. hello hello sweety! aah i'm glad we're halfway through the week... the weather here is so bad, i haven't seen the sun for weeks which makes me kinda depressed lol. i'm always so tired.
    omg your hair is pink now?! it looks so cool:D especially because you have blonde hair. i don't think people would recognize the pink in my hair if i would dye them pink or any other crazy color:)) i'm glad your done with your xmas shopping! i still have some things to buy... but i hope that i can get them done this weekend:) would love to have all the presents before december starts:)

    thanks for sharing all those hand lotions, i don't think i even own that many haha. i've heard so many good things about the avene products! i don't have a favorite but i love the ones that dry really fast and aren't sticky:)
    have a great evening!
    lots of love xx

    1. Hiya doll:) Soon Friday yayyy! Same here, and we're down in -10 now:( Haha yeeeah, pastel pink^^ I washed it out today, but I might go back soon - it was a fun change!
      It's definitely easier when I have blonde hair, you would have to bleach it first to make it appear :)
      Good luck with your Christmas shopping, hope you managed to finish during the weekend - it's such a relief:)

      Haha, I have a lot, but I use hand cream all the time so I actually manage to finish them, believe it or not:P I would def recommend the Avene Cold Cream for dry and damaged hands, does wonders!!
      Have a lovely evening love, lots of love xx