FOTD/MOTD MAC Cranberry/Greensmoke/Tempting

Wow, this almost turned into a blog-break! Sorry, that wasn't my intentions at all :)

Saturday was super relaxed and on Sunday I went to my grandpa to celebrate his birthday - he turned 91 and is as healthy as can be :) He´s awesome, I love him :)

On Monday I did some research on possible studies in the future. 
As I don´t exactly know how my near future looks thinking about my work etc. I just HAVE to do some thinking and make some back-up plans in case I can´t continue...:( I can´t be standing left with NO ideas whatsoever if I can´t continue my work (because of my constant problems with head aches +++ caused by my eye problems). It´s not a happy thought, but if I´m gonna be realistic I have to do this.

I´m mainly thinking about studying abroad and preferably in the US. It´s still far away if it´s gonna happen, but I want to have a clear overview of possible Universities and at least, what to study!
And.. WHERE.. I´ve mostly been thinking about California. I don´t know, I´ve just always dreamt about it;) 

Anyway, we couldn´t find any unis that were "perfect" for me on Mondays meeting so I´m gonna go on another meeting later this week or next week.. 
These are all just informal meetings and just to get a overview of my possibilities :)

I diiiiiid however make a visit to MAC................

Cranberry did come with me home, so did 3 other shades ;)

After seeing lovely Brittany (over at wearing the delightful MAC Cranberry I just couldn´t resist.. Even after several new cranberry shades from Inglot!

Oh, well, it doesn´t hurt with some new eyeshadows to play with.
I will however admit that I now have eyeshadows to last for the rest of my life. 
But.... It made me happy!! ;)

This is my MOTD/FOTD from TODAY!
I took a friend with me and we went to take my dog to the "hairdresser".. Not because I´m vain concerning my dog, but because he has this type of fur that needs to be well and carefully groomed once every few months :)
He´s so freaking cute now all shorthaired and puppy-looking!

We had lunch and I found some super cheap and handy acrylic boxes perfect for my lipsticks.. OOOOHHH so organized it´s all gonna be! 

a picture of makeup of the day using mac cranberry

It was a "hair-in-a-bun-kinda-day" today...;)

Mac cosmetics cranberry greesmoke and tempting

Eye makeup using Mac Cranberry, Mac Greensmoke, Mac Tempting

MAC "Tempting" on lid
MAC "Greensmoke" in crease
MAC "Cranberry" on lower lashline

It didn´t necessarily look all super awesome I just wanted to try them ALL AT ONCE of course and I just experimented all in a hurry (had to leave early so didn´t have that much time;p)

A picture of nude lips, the body shop lipstick

Lined and filled my lips with The Body Shop Lipliner 10 in shade "Pink Brown"
Then applied The Body Shop Color Crush Lipstick nr. 325.

pizza, bubble tea, makeup storage, dog

Pizza for lunch
Peach Bubble Tea <3
4 new organizers for my lippies :)

Cutest thing EVERRRR!!! These arrived in the mail today "anti-slip-dog-socks"... Have you seen anything cuter OMG...! Had to take them off after a short while as he hated them though, haha, poor little thing :) I mainly bought them because they looked so freaking cute :P 

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"


  1. Yaaaay! You got it! Haha, somehow I knew you would ;) I really like how you wore it just on the lower lash line. Even if you did just want to try them all at once, it still looks nice. This colour is a lot more versatile than I originally thought!

    And holy cow, your Grandpa is 91!? That's amazing!!

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

    xx -b.

    *oh, and I love California!

  2. you are so pretty! lovely make-up! xxx

  3. Wow, your makeup is so exceptionally done, love the defined eyes, looks beautiful on you!Thanks for stopping by sweetheart :)

  4. amazing make up ! you are so pretty! following you now, please follow me too if you want..:)