*Makeup Look* Kanebo Sensai Purple & Inglot Gold with a Pop of Urban Decay Green + YSL Nude Lips

Eye makeup collage urban decay, inglot, kanebo sensai, ysl

Hi guys :)

I can't believe it's already Saturday, again! Jeeeez, the weeks just fly by so quickly! Before I know it it's Christmas! I'm reminded of it everyday now as the Christmas presents I ordered online are starting to arrive, one by one, day by day ;-) Tonight I just wanted to share a makeup look I did today! I haven't been on my laptop all day, I've had plenty of other stuff to do - and this look :) Feels good too though, not spending every minute of the day in front my Mac, haha :)
Now I am just going to curl up in bed, maybe with a hot chocolate (Brittany's recipe;)) and watch some X-Files :)) 

Makeup look using urban decay, inglot, ysl, kanebo


1. Prime lids with UD Primer Potion.
2. MAC Paint Pot "Rubenesque" all over lid.
3. Inglot No. 07 all over lid.
4. Kanebo Sensai Eye Shadow Palette "Murasaki No Nihohi" colors No. 3. and 4. middle of lid.
5. Blend.
6. Inglot No. 457 and No. 423 in crease, blend.
7. Etude House "BE101 Gold Spangle High Heel" Eye Shadow inner eye and lower lash line.

8. UD Ammo Palette "Mildew" lower lash line.
9. Inglot Black Gel Liner.


1. Shiseido Pore Minimizing Cream.
2. Mix Dior Sculpt and IsaDora foundation - using Real Techniques buffing brush.3. Maybelline Concealer "Ivory" under eyes - using Sigma f84 brush.
4. Ben Nye Natural Set powder under eyes and whole face - using Real Techniques Powder brush.


1. Line and fill in brows with Anastasia Brow Wiz in "Caramel".
2. Fill in with MILANI Brow Fix powder.
3. Line with Anastasia Brow Wiz in "Brunette".
4. Clean edges and line with a small brush and concealer.


1. Moistuize with Nivea Lipbutter Vanilla & Macadamia.
2. Line with MAC "Subculture" lipliner.
3. YSL Rouge Volupte No. 02 "Sensual Silk" Lipstick.
Smokey eye makeup look with long lashes
Makeup look using urban decay, inglot and kanebo

Sorry if I look very retouched today, my camera is really bad at picking up color so I did some changes with the settings and it made my skin look so awful - but the eye makeup turned out way better so since I wanted to keep the focus on my eyes I just did some blending here and there on my skin! ;) Oh, and btw, even though I'm all smoothed out here - I think I start to love my new Shiseido skin care (quick look here) my skin is seriously so much more calm and my skin tone is still so much more even and my acne is not even close to what it has been the last few weeks/months... I'm just hoping it will continue like this!!
Here's one of my favorite nude lipsticks and me with my glasses, isn't really practical when doing eye makeup shoots, is it? Hehe ;-)
Nude Lips YSL Rouge Volupte lipstickPretty Makeup with glasses

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium


  1. I know this look is really all about the eyes, but I LOVE the nude lip! It seems to have a nice peachy glow to it, which I am such a sucker for! I bought a couple new lipsticks today, will be sharing them on the blog very soon! I'm so happy I'm getting into them more...they just really make me feel "put together" you know!?

    Did you end up making that hot chocolate? Thanks for linking me ;)

    xx -b.

    1. Yeah, it is one of my must-haves and definitely favorite! I think YSL has the best nude lipsticks :))) And the formula, omg<3
      Ooh, I'm excited, can't wait to see them! :D Definitely know what you mean! I have had this phase where I just didn't use anything on my lips and looking back - so boring!! I'm so glad I'm back to wearing a lot of lipsticks and colors, I've kinda been afraid to stand out before - which is totally weird, but yeah;-P Glad you're getting back into them more, it's a wonderful world ;)
      Noo, I figured I was too tired:p but I think I'm gonna enjoy one now^^ Xx

  2. I love this make-up look, you have such a beautiful face and the make-up compliments it so much!...I need to start experimenting more with my eye shadows, I'm just so lazy, I put on a bit of gold shadow and that's about it...I've bought so many different palettes but hardly use them...you've inspired me to have a little play with some different looks tomorrow :-)