MAC Rebel, Beet & *finally* CYBER purchase :)

Ok, so you probably know by now I've had a few visits to MAC lately..
Btw, what decides wether it's a haul, or a MINIhaul..?
I'm just making it up from time to time what I feel is right haha, today it's a mini-mini-haul ;)

Well, I don't know why I feel I have to justify my purchases, but I can tell you why I needed these lovely items :)
First off I just wanted Cyber.
Hello-oo, it's super dark and it's fall.
I don't know if it suits me, but I'm gonna have it anyway.
I've been looking for it for ages, it's always sold out and I've been waiting MONTHS for it to come back in stock. FINALLY it was in and well, obviously I couldn't leave without it.
Or wait, actually I visited the first MAC store and they didn't have it, so because I got sad since they didn't have it I bought Rebel (I've also wanted this for some time) to feel better... Totally normal, right?
And then I decided I wanted an alternative to "Nightmoth" for lining my lips when wearing "Diva".. So that's why I bought the Beet lipliner ;)
If you click here you can see my swatches of both Nightmoth and Beet Lipliner + Spice Lipliner. And also Diva lipstick :)

I hadn't given up on Cyber yet so I ran over (walked slowly actually, it takes a few minutes) to the other MAC store in town my surprise - they had it!!!!!!!!
 ....And that's my super interesting MAC story :)

a picture of mac lipliner and mac lipstick haul

I was actually super effective last week and managed to swatch all the liners and lipstick, so if you stick around I'll post either Cyber or Rebel (haven't quite decided yet) just after this post!
The second one will be up tomorrow or something perhaps!
And as already mentioned, if you wanna see photos and swatches of the liners or Diva (which is such a pretty lipstick, and perfect for Fall/Winter) just click the link above the picture ;)

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"

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