Life Update - No More Christmas Shopping Stress!

Pastel Pink Hair

Hiii guys!

Happy weekend!

Are you all doing well? :-)

I was looking forward to a whole day of just relaxing, reading blogs and replying to my comments today (my favorite thing to do on a Saturday) but it didn't turn out just like that!


I'm so freaking proud of myself today!

I kinda feel I have wasted my whole day in front of the computer, but I have in fact never been more effective!

I have not visited one single blog, and not replied to any comments - it's kinda sad but I had to refrain from the temptation (once I get started I'll be doing it for hours).

Can you guess what I have accomplished?


I have SERIOUSLY managed to buy ALL my Christmas gifts online today!
Do you know what that means?

I can actually ENJOY CHRISTMAS!!! I can enjoy Christmas SHOPPING!!

I can go around and have a nice time while buying the few things that are left, and enjoy it! I can have a good time while going (not running as I always do) around at the shopping mall looking for presents!

I don't think I've ever really done that.. I always end up being super desperate and stressed out about these gifts, even though I love it.

I love buying Christmas gifts, it's one of my favorite activities! So it's so sad that I every year manage to destroy that pleasure...

But not this year!

I even managed to keep everything on a reasonable budget level.. What an accomplishment! Hehe:)

Since I have saved myself the time of running around town looking for gifts, it means I can put some effort in doing a Christmas Gift Guide post/series! I've already come up with some good ideas.

I will be using the people I'm buying to as inspiration, but I can't reveal any of the things I've actually bought of course as I have a few of my friends and family reading my blog ;)

Since I've only stayed indoors all day in front of my laptop I didn't really care to put any makeup on, decided it was good to let my skin breathe :) So I hope you don't mind another picture from yesterday! I did another round of hair dye today and it's a little more pink now :-)))

It's now 23:40, it's bedtime and I want coffee....... What to do?

I guess I'll be watching a couple of episodes of Nashville season 2 before I go to sleep, does anyone of you watch that show? I randomly watched the three first episodes of season 1 on the plane to Florida this summer.. I've been hooked on it since;)

How are you all doing with the Christmas Gift Shopping?

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"


  1. Ahhh, what relief you must feel! That's amazing!!! I'm getting close myself, not much left to buy on my list. It's the boys that are always last minute because they are so difficult to buy for! Lots of my presents this year were bought on Etsy. I love giving things that are made with care and not mass produced. Although, sometimes this doesn't work with certain people. My goal is to be finished shopping by Dec. 1st! Fingers crossed ;)

    xx -b.

  2. And now you can breathe a little easier! Way to go on those purchases.

    I am so digging the pink hair!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise