How to make your own Pumpkin Spice Latté! *Fall Series*

a picture of a homemade pumpkin spice latte

I felt it was time to share the recipe on my favorite Fall drink!
As some of you already know I haven't been able to get my hands on any Pumpkin Spice Syrups yet, so I will be using Vanilla Syrup. I still have the pumpkin spice and pumpkin spice coffee creamer so there will be plenty pumpkin spice flavor to it!

There's many years since I had PSL on Starbucks for the first time and that was not in Norway as Starbucks just recently opened their first store here.
I was of course obsessed with getting PSL during Fall and I got a little disappointed when I tasted it again - it didn't really taste much?
I've had it several times here in Norway and every time it is the same - the milk is too warm and there's almost NO pumpkin spice flavor to it... All you can taste is warm milk with a liiiitle hint of something cinnamony..
I just wonder, is it like that in the US as well? Or UK? Or wherever really? Somebody please tell me because I can't remember it being so flavor less to be honest!

My PSL is a flavor bomb and it is sooo good for those chilly and rainy days!

You can even add some chili paste if you want it hotter and more spicy!

Here's the recipe list and how to:

Pumpkin spice latte recipe and how to


  1. Coffee! You can brew your own, you can use espresso, use whatever you like! I went with the easy version of 2x espresso in my Dolce Gusto machine ;)
  2. I then use Starbucks Vanilla syrup, Pumpkin Spice & Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer (you can leave this one out, I just like the taste).
  3. Milk! Frothed:) I put some milk in a glass and I blast it in the microwave for a few seconds! I'd rather have it too cold than too warm as I don't like the taste of over heated milk;)

    HOW TO:
  4. Brew your coffee!
  5. Watch it and smell the deliciousness....
  6. Now you should have something like this!
  7. Add you coffee creamer
  8. Add as many teaspoons of vanilla (or pumpkin spice) syrup as you like!
  9. Add Pumpkin Spice. I usually go with 1-2-3 teaspoons.. Depends!
Give everything a good stir and then add your milk and the froth at the end!
And last but not least, if you prefer, some whipped cream on top!
Sugar to taste.
Drizzle over some pumpkin spice to make it look nice :)

pumpkin spice latte
A picture of a pumpkin spice latte recipe

What is your favorite Fall drink?

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"


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  2. lovely post.... This looks delicious! Might have to try making one , what a perfect drink for winter :) p.s love your blog!
    Ava xo

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I really hope you try it out, sooo good now during Fall/Winter :)
      And thank you so much hun! I'm heading over to yours now^^ xx

  3. Yumminess, this looks so delicious! We sadly don't get some of these ingredients here in Safrica, but I will try my best to recreate this drink.

    1. I know right:) I bought both the Pumpkin Spice and the coffee creamer from ebay :)) We don't have any of that stuff here in Norway either! Hop you get to make it, it's so delicious:) xx

  4. ah amazing! I will most definitely have to try this out! Caramel macchiato is usually my fave but I love all the christmas drinks :)

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    1. You have to :)) Ohh, yah that is a treat :) Christmas drinks is finally available at Starbucks over here now - I can't wait to get some toffee nut latte hi hi;) xx