BLOGtober 16th - Hair & Face Care *Drugstore Haul*


On my way home yesterday I had to stop to get something to eat as I hadn't had time to do that yet because of my appointment early that morning!
I was debating myself whether to stop or not (it's a 1+ hour drive home) because I knew if I stopped by the shopping centre to find something else than junkfood to eat, I would probably end up buying something else as well...

Well, here's how it turned out!

I ended up going to the shopping centre looking for food (I do not think clearly when hungry).
I couldn't find any food that tickled my fancy, but I did find some great deals at the drugstore (OF COURSE!)
After my purchase I had to stop for gas and coffee - and since I was still hungry - junkfood!


I am very satisfied with my purchases though^^

  1. Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Conditioner
    I've become such a fan of this Bleach Blonde Series!
    Because I work as a hairdresser I am always skeptical of hair products/brands that are sold anywhere else than in hair salons. But, Lee Stafford actually goes by being a great hairstylist (doesn't he?) and I bought this series simply because I needed some silver shampoo to kill my yellow tones after bleaching!
    It smells amazing.
    It leaves your hair so smooth.
    The shampoo is so blue and kills any yellow you must have in your hair.
    The conditioner has a slight purple color to it and helps keeping your hair nice and cool:)
    I use the conditioner more often than the shampoo which is why I needed a new one!

  2. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction Deep Conditioner
    Again, another brand that's not from a hair salon! I saw this on sale, and I've heard so much positive things about this treatment for several years - I finally decided to try it!
    First off, it smells amazing too!
    I used it today, and I can't tell if it really reconstructs my hair but it certainly leaves my hair really smooth and nice:) My ends were still fluffy but in no way as dry and crunchy as before! That's a good sign:)

  3. Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume 
    I love Batiste.
    On sale.
    I don't know if I love the XXL Volume though.
    It smells really nice, but for the volume part it leaves my hair like I've used one of those volume powders - do you know? Leaves your hair kinda...not sticky but. I don't know the word! I don't like that feeling, even though it gives volume and easy to fix during the day:)
    It doesn't give that really clean feeling. But again, it says XXL VOLUME;)

  4. Formula 10.0.6 Three Times Sublime 3 in 1
    As I've said before, I love Formula 10.0.6!
    In these desperate times where my skin is going all breakout crazy I am desperate for anything that can help my skin.
    This was also on sale and first I thought it was a face WASH, since I emptied mine I needed a FACE WASH.
    But I found out it is a scrub......... I have plenty of scrubs and that annoyed me.. However it smells good and leaves my skin soft. Have to use it more to be able to say more than that:)

  5. Maybelline FIT Me Anti Shine Stick Foundation
    I saw a review on this on YouTube and it was supposed to be sooo good & blahblablah - and as the susceptible person that I am I wanted to try it.
    I didn't believe it could be any good - come on, it is a foundation in STICK form?
    When did a STICK formed foundation do any good? Especially, when did it do any good to people with crazy and acne prone skin?
    Still, I bought it.........
    Actually, I bought TWO.

    I will try to contain myself with over raving about this product, because my skin is changing every day and not for the better!
    So even if it was great one day, the next day it can be shit...
    Anyway, I LOVED IT!!!!
    First off the shade is just perfect for me! Buff Beige 130.
    The lighter one - 120 Classic Ivory - I bought thinking I could use it under eyes & highlight. It doesn't work too well on that to be honest.
    But back to Buff Beige 120 - application. EASIEST EVER. And no MESS!
    Perfect if you're in a hurry:)
    Also it covers my blemishes so no need for extra concealer.

    Staying power - Can't say too much here yet. First day it was so perfect, but my skin has been crazy again last few days and nothing really seems to work.
    I have also used a lot of coconut oil in my face and it doesn't do any good to the staying power of ANY foundation;)

    I would like to do another and closer review on this with swatches and pictures after I've tried it for a little longer :)) 

Do you have any experience with these products?

What do you think of the Maybelline Stick foundation?

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’


  1. Hmmm, I have still yet to try Batiste...would you recommend it for darker hair or does it leave white residue?

    xx -b.

  2. i have no experience with the stick foundation but usually maybelline products are quite good :) the beach blonde series sound great,might give them a try :)following you now on gfc,maybe you want to do the same? :)

  3. Hi dear, thanks for these excellent recommendations, I really want to try the 3 minute miracle conditioner and the maybelline concealer. I agree with what you said, its so difficult to work with finer hair type. I found that the batiste didn't work too well for me. Thanks for your kind visit and sorry for the late reply - internet issues. Have a great day doll!

  4. i absolutely looove lee stafford products! especially the dry shampoo is really good! also heard a lot of good things about the batiste one but haven't tried it yet. i wanted to go to gym today but eeek... don't feel really well. maybe going on sunday:D
    and oh yeaah i'll let you know if i come to norway one day!!:) hope you can still get some JT tickets! here it was already sold out after a couple of hours lol. crazy swiss people:P enjoy the evening!! lots of love <33

  5. Hey hun, unfortunately i haven't tried any of these products! ): I've done my new post which is the travel tag and i've tagged you in it x x

    Have a great day hun x x
    Jess x x x

  6. I've never tried the Stick foundation from Maybelline, but my skin is oily and in no way sounds like a good product for me, I used a few years ago in cema foundation and it was terrible.