Nightshift ramblings & Hotness on the tennis court

Aaah, my weekend of work has finally come to an end..:) 

Working nightshifts isn't what I love the most, still I have to admit that this weekend hasn't been all that bad. The hours went, surprisingly enough, quite fast actually :) 
And now I'm soon finished, 1 hour and 16 minutes left. Hopefully I'll catch the bus on time, if not, I would have to wait one more hour... :/ Which is a tiny little bit hard when I've already been working 8 hours and I have to drive for 40 minutes to get home...
Which I had to do yesterday!! Almost fell asleep outside, on the busstation!! 

The funny thing is that when the bus finally arrived one hour later, the driver (who had been working all night too) was so tired of work aswell so all he wanted to do was to get home fast! Just like me:) So he drove the bus suuuperfast and I got home earlier than supposed to :) The only downside was that, he drove so fast in the turns that I actually got sick.. ugh... But anyway! Now I'm just blabbering, cus I have no more work related stuff to do so I'm just waiting for my colleague to arrive (on time so I can catch the bus! FINGERS CROSSED:)

 Here's some inspiring interiorpics that i just randomly stumbled upon :)

Oh, I really do need that coffee!!! ;)


Today, besides from enjoying my three and a half day off, I'm going to watch the Wimbledon gentlemen's final, and it's sooooooo exciting!

Nadal v. Djokovic.  

Are you going to watch the match?

My (non-excisting)money's on NADAL! Vamos Rafa :)

If you´re not going to watch the game...,


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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog hun! :) Thats a good idea about your hair! x