REVIEW ~ MAC Myth Lipstick & MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.

There's already hundreds of reviews and other blogposts that contains information, pictures and opinions about MAC foundation etc. and maybe espc. MAC Myth Lipstick. I sure know, cause I've been one of those googleing girls desperately seeking info about the "best nude lipstick", swatches, reviews and so on to find out which one to purchase when shopping..;)

After the years have gone by and as my make up interest has grown bigger, so has my collections, and my nude lipstick collection espc. he he ;)
But I still find it interesting reading about others opinions, swatches etc. (not only about nude lipsticks!;p) even though I no longer need the information, I just do it for fun :)

As I do, I hope others do, and maybe my review and pictures could help a wondering soul out there someday:P Hahah, Yes, YOU *desperately typing "nude lips" on your keyboard - google search* ;)
Or just a fellow companion - all of you make up lovers :)

Here it is, my newest products that I after just seconds loved way too much!!

due to my skinproblems like some blemishes, open pores, uneven skintone etc cause of acne makes it hard for me to get a even, flawless, smooth and fullcoverage make up.. (this pisses me off btw) But yes, due to this problems, I need thick foundation with FULLcoverage.

Until now I've been using DIOR SCULPT #30 and I'm suuupersatisfied (I wont stop using this no matter what) and been thinking nothing can compare.. But this one from MAC, as I said, surprised me, it does a really good job! And it stays on for hours aswell!! No need for extra matting powder or touch ups (unless you really want to ofc).
                             I wore it for the first time on work last night, and I have to say after about eight-nine.. No, ten actually, after TEN hours of work ITS STILL THERE, JUST AS NICE AS WHEN I FIRST APPLIED IT.  

Normally my foundation don't last for very long and usually come off quite fast during the day, I dont know why, but I blame it on my stupid skin ;) and sometimes maybe because of dry skin...  Also when I work it's a problem.. I always have to take a look in the mirror and desperately touch up with loads of powder/foundation..;)

Its not that the work I do is really that hard, but it makes me quite warm sometimes (theres no aircon, damn you workplace..!), and I keep on touching my face all the time because I'm afraid I'm starting to sweat and that my foundation will come off faster (which it logically do in such matters).
Because of all this I keep on applying powders or loose mineral foundation like hundreds of times during my workshifts/days..

 ~ As you see the color (NC20) is quite beige/yellow, perfect for my blemishes/redness and uneven skintone! :)

So its not that my dearest love DIOR SCULPT aint no good, its just that MAC is obviously also really good when it comes to long-wear and hold, I think the main reason why I have to keep touching up when wearing Dior is because it tend to become more shiny faster. MAC stays matte, as far as I have experienced. And when it stays matte, it doesnt come off as easily when you're for example getting warm or touching your face.

MAC FIX FLUID is oil free (yay:) and contains SPF 15. It's promised to stay on for at least 8 hours, and by my opinion, they're keeping their promise! :)

P/S: According to what I tell you guys about myself and my obvious make up problems right now, you probably think my make up must look awful, I mean, constantly applying powder/foundation over already several layers with foundation.. Does that sound nice? No, that sounds like someone with a rather nasty and not at all flawless skin.. But I promise you, I do not look like that! ;) I just really felt like getting that clear.. Because beauty and make up, and looking my best in general is very important to me. So I dont wont any of y'all going around thinkin I look like thrash here is that clear?! :P Ha ha :)



And then to the lipstick :)

As I told you in my other post, I've wanted a MAC Myth Lipstick for quite some time now, obviously for some damn good reason, because it was love at first touch! I love the formula and the color and over all I just like it. ...But is it really that good, or do I like it a little better than the others because I've wanted it for so long? Or do I like it a little better just because it's MAC and everybody talk about how awwwesome MAC Myth is...? (hyped?)

I have a bunch of other nude lipsticks, which I also love (for example my YSL and, actually, Luméne) and if I'm going to be totally honest, I can't tell why or how MAC Myth is better than the others in any way right now... I don't mean to totally kill my expectations here, it's just that I tend to get slightly obsessed with some things if I decide I want them.. So actually I'm just trying to be realistic with myself here ;)

Is this THE nude lipstick? My final one, the only one? Is this the one I'm going to buy over and over again later because I'm sooo satisfied? Is this the only one I'll recommend to others?
 Considering that I've only had this product for a couple of days, I wont answer that just yet.. I mean, so far, I'm veeeery pleased :) but I'll give it a try for a few more days before I decide what I really think..:)



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  1. I find that some MAC lippies are so opaque and pigmented that it shows true to colour.

    I have swatched Myth and I loved it, just haven't owned one yet.

    I also have a nude YSL Rouge Pur lippie that I love in #142. its a sheer nude but its non-drying and lightweight =)