Northern Blonde

I find it very appropriate to do a "my hair story" or something like that by now as I´ve gone through some fun changes the past year.
This post however is only to show you how my hair is right now. I tried to sit down and make a collage of my different hair colors the past year, but it´s so hard picking out old pictures of myself that I like - I just need some more time working on that, hehe ;)

A brief history: about a year ago I started to highlight my hair after dying it black and dark brown for a couple of years (I´m naturally as blonde as in the picture below). I just needed some change, but god do I like that dark hair!

It got lighter and lighter and the color I got right before I left for my Florida Roadtrip was simply amazing! I was sooo pleased with it! However, as my hair was very damaged from bleaching and using minicolor AND staying in the sun all day everyday for almost two weeks, swimming in the ocean, swimming in the pool. Being caught in tropical rainstorms all the time and showering in water with chlorine in it.. Well let´s just say it doesn´t do wonders to your hair or your hair color ;-)

By the time I got home the color was all washed out and I was pretty blonde! But as I said, it was a washed out color.. My roots wasn´t showing as bad as with my dark hair (imagine almost black hair with almost white regrowth, makes me look bald!) and I kinda liked the idea of turning blonde...

HOWEVER, I did something stupid being desperate and sick of the washed out color - I went to work and just smashed some color in it trying to get it better, and yeah, it got kinda better, I just hated it..
So then I decided to go blonde! And here I am!

The whole viking scene is because I went to a Medieval Party that my friends and I had been planning for a whole year.

I made the flower headpiece myself, and I sew the dress myself (with a lot of help from my mum) and before I left for the party I went down to the beach to take some pictures, as this ship had been laying here for a week. How appropriate! :-)

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