Vacation Skiathos, Greece ’13.

I went to Skiathos, Greece with my family 10. - 17. August and it was simply paradise!
I´ve been to Greece twice before - Zakynthos, but that was NOTHING compared to this island.

It´s just like you imagine it to be like, white beaches, white houses with blue windows etc. Crystal clear turquoise water. I wanna go back. Now.

It was total relaxation. We just stayed by the pool or the beach and went to town a few nights for dinner and some shopping. It was so nice there, not that typical "tacky" place or partyshit or whatever.

We went on a boat trip to Skopelos, also a beautiful island. It was the "Mamma Mia" tour, as parts of the movie has been filmed at mainly Skopelos, but some scenes are also from Skiathos.
Not that it matter to me  really, I haven´t even seen the whole movie ;)

We had three stops on the tour, and we stopped at this church from the movie, and some beautiful beaches! I really loved it! It was sooo relaxing sitting on top deck and just admiring the view and feel the sun on my body :)

I´m just gonna let you guys fall in love with this island by showing you some pictures.
It´s not really a lot to tell you as we did nothing but lie on the beach all day and get tanned ;)

AND I drank a lot of coffee. OMG Greek Freddo Cappuccino or Greek Frappe are the best coffee ever. OOOOOOHHHHH I LOVE IT! As you can see, or if you follow me on Instagram (missdelirium) you´ve probably seen it already, there were a few coffees involved during my stay ;)


Old Port in Skiathos 
Boat to Skopelos

Old church  
Mamma Mia church 

Our boat and beach 
View from Mamma Mia church 
On the way down from church 
Skopelos Old Town 

Old Town Skopelos 

Skiathos Harbour 

Some outfits 
Beach near our hotel 
Had our last dinner here, Skiathos

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