FALL Inspired:) ....& I wish I didn't suck at fashion.

As much as I love shopping for nice clothes, shoes, purses and accessories - I still suck at "fashion". I can´t seem to put together a perfect "pinterest outfit" (haha, do you know what I mean?).
I always think that it´s because I don´t have enough clothes, or the right clothes - that I have to shop more and shop for those specific items. But my room is overflowing of clothes. My drawers are literally breaking down because of the amount of clothes in them and I know, deep inside, it´s just me sucking at putting together a nice outfit.........

Norwegian fall could get pretty cold and wet, so there´s not really an option to wear sandals and other cute flats, even though I wish so.
My other problem is that since I work as a hairdresser it´s just not very practical so wear big, cosy, warm sweaters or big scarves and everything - it´s simply too hot in the salon. So I end up looking all plain jane all day long, everyday. I only get to put on a lot of cozy items when I´m walking to or from my car!
I could wear cute sandals or flats in the salon, because it´s hot, but then again - should really wear good sneakers for my feet ya´ know, so not very stylish on that part either...

Yeah, I know, my life is so hard....;-)

I still dream though, so because I can´t put up perfect outfit pictures of myself, I can show you what I would wear if I managed to put together a decent outfit ;-)

It´s late August and I´m all Fall inspired!

Inspired by: Pumpkin Spice Latte

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Hmmm.. I always dream about living in a country with a warmer and more tropical climate... But I love fall... What´s fall like when you can´t wear big scarves and cosy knitted sweaters because it´s too hot?
I´m thinking about going to California to study, how is fall in California? :)
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