Hello September - && bit of a personal post tonight..

Ok ok, I know "Hello September" is about 24 days too late, but I´m way to obsessed with fall to let that opportunity slip away!

I love fall so much I could die. I know I say every summer that I love summer, and I do, but fall is amazing.

I am a October child, so that may have something to do with my love for fall.

I´m all about pumpkins, yankee candle, scarves, big cosy sweaters and beanies now.
I´ve even decorated my room with deco pumpkins and leaves in my windows! I´ll show you later, hi hi :)

So over to my personal stuff that I decided to share..
I´ll be honest with´ya..
I´ve been struggling with some problems concerning my eyes for quite some time now, nothing serious or dangerous, but it really affects my work as a hairdresser and my ability to work with my all-time-passion _makeup_

This is making me having to do some really serious decisions that may or may not change my whole future plans.. That´s pretty stressful! I´m thinking about this all the time, day and night, and it just makes my head spin.
Also it makes me really depressed when I realize that doing normal, easy everyday routines as putting on makeup is ...well, difficult actually..
I struggled a bit before as well, but then I used contacts so I was still able to see pretty decent up close - but now I am forced to wear glasses all the time. And everybody who wears glasses for the right reasons know how hard that can be -  I mean, they´re kinda in the way ;-)

Don´t get me wrong, I´m not blind or anything, and there´s a lot of people having more serious trouble than me. It just occurs to me how much I care about makeup and how fun it is, and how much I want to do it all the time. It´s hard when you notice that your abilities in something ..weakens, you know?

I mean, I´ve never been a pro, or anything near it - but I think I can say I do makeup pretty well.
So when I notice the change from doing something pretty well and without any problems what so ever, until one day struggling with it.. like.. Something as simple as putting on lashes or liquid liner isn´t as simple anymore.

I want to do makeup looks, and I want to exceed in makeup and get better at it!

I´m dying to do makeup looks and share them with you on my blog, I just never feel satisfied enough!

All of this together makes me loose all motivation to do anything because I never feel, as I said, satisfied and I just kinda give up.

It´s not like I can´t see anything or that I can´t do my makeup at all, or that´s it´s dangerous letting me cut your hair with scissors - haha!
But imagine sitting by your vanity table, going to put some makeup on, looking into the mirror, and all you see is a totally blurred face.......
Foundation goes on alright, I know this step too well, I could do it with my eyes closed. The rest is rather tricky;-)
Of course, when going closer to the mirror I can se clearly.
But imagine doing your makeup with your brushes bumping into the mirror for every brushstroke you do. And how are you going to keep track on how everything looks when your constantly up-close-macro-lens in the mirror.. ARGH. Annoys me just thinking about it.

And yeah, almost forgot it, being forced to wear glasses all the time... That´s every makeupjunkies dream, right? Because your eyes, lashes and makeup just really stands out, right?
Yeah, not to forget if you wear those nice, long, full lashes that make you look awesome, they will constantly bump into your glasses :) That´s such a nice feeling, not annoying at all..!

I feel I´ve been degraded in my makeup world, haha, I never wear dramatic eyeshadow anymore, I never do makeuplooks on my blog anymore, I never wear lashes anymore :(
I don´t feel I´ve managed to pick up any new skills, I haven´t been able to work on improving my skills.. I´ve like...stagnated..

I tried today though, and lashes were annoying the heck outta me..:/ And of course I take my glasses of when taking photos haha ;-)
I will admit though, that glasses aren´t the worst thing to wear during fall. Fall is a nice season for glasses. Gotta find the positive things you know!

Sooo... I just needed to get that out there, and hopefully this will get better with time and HOPEFULLY I will be able to go back to my contacts :)
This whole thing correcting my eye problem is a process that´s just gonna take some time.. When I think about it in a calm and reasonable way - I manage to not paint it all so black.
My work on the other hand is something that I don´t think about very calmly and I can´t decide what´s for the better for me. Will tell more when I get to a conclusion on this.

Other news... Hmm.. I´ve been thinking about it for a while, and if you follow me on twitter you might know that I want to start a beauty channel on YouTube :)
I´ve always thought it looks so fun, I just never felt confident enough. I´m still not completely confident about it, but I wanna try:)

OK, fall is making me all happy so I hope it makes it easier to find motivation for blogging^^
I want a fun blogging challenge, so please share with me if you have any fun ideas :)

To all #bbloggers, I will talk to you tomorrow! :-)

XXOO Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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  1. i absolutely love fall too:) actually i love every season of the year haha. in winter i miss summer and backwards lol. hmm i'm sorry to hear your struggling with those thoughts and decissions... i'm wearing contacts but now and then i really like to switch to a nice pair of glasses hehe because i think glasses can look super pretty too! if those really bother you a lot there's the "laser-thing"... but i don't have any clue how that works:) but i guess it's on the expensive side... anyway, wish you all the best!!! you're super pretty:))

    lots of love xx