FOTD - Neutral Work look

Face && Hair Of The Day!

I felt fine before work today so I had my friend over for coffee && tea before we picked her daughter up from kindergarten and went to work.

I´m addicted to the hair bun look, it looks like I actually have hair on my head and it´s not getting in my face while I work - perfect combo!
I´t takes me like five/seven mins to do also, so it´s perfect :)

Neutral and natural look for today, no other plans than work so nothing too fancy I´m afraid..;-)
I feel so naked without my lashes!

I would might have to try wearing them tomorrow, maybe I´ll find some short ones (well, good luck on that!) that will fit underneath my glasses... 

Ah what issues a four-eyed-person must go through! ;-) 
(I know, I know, I take my glasses off before taking my selfies *lalala*)

Hope you all had a nice day!

My skin has turned on me like the devil and decided to go all dry and crazy, my foundation goes on like dry sand and it´s a makeup emergency.
I got a lot of good advises on what kind of moisturizers to get via #bbloggers chat on Twitter tonight. Thanks girls!

I´m such a moisturizer noob, I never struggled with dry skin and my acne made me break out just by the thought of moisturizer, I almost NEVER wear moisturizer.. I guess those times are over.. 
Any more advises are appreciated :)

xxoo Karla //  ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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  1. Lovely pic! I love your hair!

    I use the L'oreal Luminize Moisturiser and the Serum is pretty good too! Keeps my skin hydrated without getting too oily and causing my acne to kick off!

    Lorraine x

  2. Hello beautiful, I tagged you in my new post. Check it out you may like it ;)