*BLOGMAS 4th* My Newest Lashes - Red Cherry #WSP & #415 and Ardell Wispies

Eeeeek BLOGMAS isn't doing so well :( I've been feeling like proper s*it lately and I just haven't managed to do anything. I'm really sad I haven't managed to keep up with BLOGMAS, but we're still in the first week of December and I have a lot of finished posts that were supposed to be out on the blog! I'm not gonna paint it all black quite yet, hihi :)

Finally some new lashes! I'm waiting for some new goodies from House of Lashes as well, but they haven't arrived yet!
All of these are from MadameMadeline.com. my favorite place to order lashes :)
They are so cheap and there's a great selection:)

I always used to wear all kinds of Ardell Lashes, my faves were Demi and Tyra - but then I figured Red Cherry was a lot cheaper and that meant I could order more lashes and still be under $32 (stupid Norwegian tax/customs rule) + there's always a lot of coupon codes available (I'll mention some at the end) and I think I almost end up with nearly 20 lashes or something! :))

I didn't order so many this time though, and I needed lash adhesive also. I always use DUO Adhesive, but this was a little cheaper so I wanted to try it out.

Some natural lashes this time, I still have a lot of more "extreme" versions lying around and I really just love the WSP/Wispies!
Below you can see:
Red Cherry #WSP
Red Cherry #415
Ardell #Wispies

My little eyelash storage!
I have soooo much less eyelashes than I used to have, I had bunches of lashes everywhere.. I've finally managed to organize them. But there still some missing...somewhere..;-)
Mostly Red Cherry and Ardell Lashes (stacks of 5 in acrylic boxes), also a few 10 pairs for $0,99 lashes from ebay, they're amazing actually!

Then a few random ones from Asia and Primark or something I think!
And adhesive ofc, I have my almost empty DUO, Andrea permanent glue for lash extensions, Andrea Black adhesive and a shitty one (the dark tube) from a brand called KISS.

There's a lot of coupon codes out there to use on this site, and I always end up with at least five lashes extra:)
I don't think I received any free lashes this time, I can't remember why, but I miiiight have ended up (because of the 20% off) under $20!
Here's some coupon codes, I always use RED20 and FREEBIE :)

- 20% OFF Red Cherry Lashes: RED20.
- 8% OFF Coupon + free gift w/ $20 or more purchase: FALSIES.
- Mention FREEBIE in message box and get a free pair of lashes (order total $20 or more).
- 15% OFF Bulls Eye Lashes and Contacts: COMPACT

Do you wear eyelashes? What is your favorite brand and style?



  1. Wow, this is an amazing hand varied collection of lashes, I wish i knew how to out them on, they look really great. Have a splendid weekend dear!

  2. hey Karla sweety! how are you? how's life? ugh... i swear this time of the year is just crazy. i have so many other things to do besides my blog. i haven't blogged anything last week but hopefully i'm getting back on track now:) can't wait to hear from you. lots of love xx