100 followers and my first makeup sponsor :)

I´m so thrilled I finally reached a hundred followers ! :D
I have to admit that I appreciate it so much!

My blog have for a long time now been quite boring due to lack of inspiration, interesting things to share in general, I´ve been working a lot and my camera hasn´t been working and so on and so on.. BUTBUTBUTBUT I´m in a good place now and my head is exploding with ideas to share with you guys :)

Some new items to my makeup collection is on it´s way to me in the mail and I´m hoping it will get here sooooon!

The sooner the more makeup looks I´ll be posting here :)

I decided for a while back that I would throw a giveaway as soon as I reached a hundred, because it´s a great opportunity and a good reason to do it. As for now I´m not in any position where I can host a giveaway quite yet. But I´m working on it :) I would love to be able to give something back to my readers (or at least one of u who would be the winner ha ha:).

Another thing I´m thrilled about is my first sponsor!
I don´t know anything about he brand yet. I´ve read a few promising reviews in the past, but I´m yet to experience it myself.

I haven´t received the products yet, but I´m really looking forward to try them out and publish the review to you.

For some this might not sound like a big deal, but as for me running this little, although-growing-bigger-everyday-blog, it´s so fun! :D

I will inform you more about the brand and the products later on. In the meantime check out my new ad in the sidebar :)

photos from weheartit.com

Is there anything big and exciting going on in your lives these days? :-)


  1. Congratulations on 100 followers ! That's such an achievement <3 Good luck xx

  2. very cool, must be so exciting advertising brands,
    my congratulations
    in my life I'm enjoying the posts to my blog
    turned a hobby for me.
    : D

  3. Hello there! :) Thnx for droppin by my blog. And Im your new 101 th follower! :) Congratz on reaching a milestone and for a new sponsor. All best wishes for you and your blog. Love it!

  4. Congratulations!! I hope you love the new products you'll be receiving!!

  5. well done on the 100 followers

  6. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! Looking forward to seeing you new make up buys! xx


  7. congrats!! love also the pics you shared! amazing!