Waiting for my lashes ^^

I ended up ordering lashes on the more neutral side this time, as I cant go looking like a drag queen at work and such ha ha ;-)

Anyway loving these, first out and all time favorite is ofc Ardells lashes, but lately I´ve ordered a bunch from Red Cherry too, they´re cheaper and just as nice! :-)

Do you have a favorite lash brand?


Red Cherry:

OK, I know they seem very similar, but it´s hard showing the difference on these photos.. I´ll show you when I get them :)
And I just need some normal-looking, wearable and kinda neutral ones now, so I´m trying out different styles in that category..

FINALLY DUO came out with a brush on adhesive! I´ve been waiting forever, looking forward to try it out :)

I mostly wear lashes on a daily basis, do you?
Or do you just put them on when your going out for a drink
(or several more heh..;)

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  1. i love ardell lashes, too!
    i just bought a tupe glue from duo. dang! should have waited longer. ;p