Lancome Roseraie des Delices Spring 2012

What a delightful collection! I saw it in store yesterday, and as I was passing by I just got draaaawn into the store and found myself (almost) drooling over the product display..

I would have to admit that it´s mainly the glosses and lippies that has caught my eye.. And the shimmer blush.. But then again..I just LOVE Lancomes glosses and lipsticks!

I gotta have em!!! Too bad they´re so sheer in color... I guess they won´t make the biggest difference when applied on the lips??
Anyway my lips are naturally quite pink/red and I can´t stand it. The look I get when applying just normal sheer gloss over my lips (without anything as a base layer) omg I wanna puke I look so fugly!

So I gotta have a pale/nude base layer, and then apply gloss.. Maybe the color from the gloss will shine more trough then :-)

Since Lancome Color Fever gloss is my absolute all time gloss favorite, I´m definitely loving these pastel ones! Esp. Mint green and tangerine.. But since they´re so sheer, I guess I would have to purchase one of the lippes too;)

I´m going to buy some of these items today.. I haven´t quite figured out which ones yet tho.. It´s going to be at least one gloss, and maybe one lipstick.. Tangerine gloss is most likely to suit me best, but I can´t get my eyes off the mint one!!!
But I know it will be sheer on my lips, and that´s no fun when buying a GREEN gloss..! :(

Do you have any opinions on which one I should go for?
(I´m a sucker for all kinds of nude lips)
Normally I use Color Fever gloss in a pastel/nude/peachy looking shade (pretty similar to Tangerine, it´s just slightly darker, kinda..)

Are you going to buy anything from this collection?

Have you purchased any of the products already? Which ones?? :-)


  1. very pretty!
    i find it similar to the Dior spring collection, though.
    the model is perfect for the campaign. love her hair. ;)

  2. The blush looks amazing !! Might keep an eye out for that <3

  3. I love Lancome! I always buy a lot when I go home :)