Home Decoration with Maison Jar *Interior*

I found some old Maison Jars in an old basement, they´re actually "Norgesglass" (Norwegian glass) which is basically the Norwegian version of the Maison jar. It has the glass and metal airtight lid as well, but if you remove that - it transforms into a beautiful vase :)

Roses around the house makes me happy! 

What´s your favorite DIY/remake of the Maison Jar? 


  1. petitmoi-bigworldJune 15, 2015 at 2:37 PM

    Mine's not a mason jar but is a large yankee candle jar, I keep fake flowers in it, pale pink peonies :)

  2. So pretty & great for a bedroom. x
    Donna - midlifecrisisbeautyaddict.com