My Self Knitted Jumper - finally finished :)

I´m so proud of myself I´m almost gonna cry :´-D  Feels like I´m ready to take over the world now! I actually managed to make something - knit my own sweater! OK it´s not that hard, but I finished it! And it´s AWESOME!

It´s a lovely khaki-green color and I just love it. Don´t know what more to say. 

I´m super proud and want to wear it all the time..:P As soon as I find another color I like I wanna do another one!!!


So glad to be wearing my Laura Bellariva boots again, I love Fall <3


I´ve used 100% wool yarn Superwash:
It says 3,5 needle, but I´ve been knitting on a 7 needle since I wanted this type of jumper.

OK to be honest I got no idea what words to use when talking about knitting ha ha!!! :)

Will do some research on this and get back to you on the pattern, but seriously it´s so easy!

All the pieces are knitted from the bottom up.

Front Piece:
Cast on 78 stitches
 Start off with knit one, purl one for approx 5 cm.
Continue to knit.
When reached a few cm. before desired length - Find the centre and bind off 16 stitches total (on the middle).
Then knit a round or two before bind off again 1 stitches on each side.
(You can make the neck as you wish, you decide how you want it).
Bind off.

Back Piece:
Cast on 78 stitchess
 Start off with knit one, purl one for approx 5 cm.
Continue to knit until desired length.
(I made my backpiece a little longer that the front piece).
Bind off.

Cast on 44 stitches.
 Start off with knit one, purl one for approx 5 cm.
Knit until you count 15 rounds.
Then increase with 1 stitch on each side of the needle every fourth round.
(You´ll start increasing on the fifth).
Do this until you count 56 stitches in total.
(You´ll be increasing by 12 stitches)
Then knit until desired length.
I didn´t knit many rounds, maybe one or two..
You´ll just have to measure with the backpiece!
Bind off.

Then time for making up!
Put the pieces against each other - right side agains rights side.
Use the yarn that you used knitting with, and a big needle.
Start with the shoulders.
Then sew the arms on, and continue down the sides.
I left a split approx 10 cm on both sides.

OK don´t know if this makes any sense.. but it´s the best i can do right now :)

If you have done anything like this or want to try making your own sweater, please let me know - I would love to see the result! :)

Today I have finally had the energy to be starting painting my room - first layer is done!
Guess I´ll be finished by the end of the week. I also managed to break my bed into two pieces (not because I´m a whale, but I was moving it and because of my extreme strength and blah blah yea u get my drift;)) and that means I will be going to IKEA sooner than first planned - well that´s not really a bummer tho, I want new furnitures!

I got such a lovely idea for my vanity table!

Do you have any interior tips for vanity tables/makeup organizing? Please share with me!

I´m gonna go cuddle in my lovely jumper now and then off to bed! Work tomorrow & I´m already longing for my daily dose of hot black heaven ;-)


  1. Oh i looove it, well done! Looks fab with the dip hem too, v trendy and grungey- my perfect kind of jumper

  2. This is amazing! Looks just like the ones they sell at H&M. I would never be able to do this, I do not have the patience. Great job! (:


  3. You did an amaaaazing job hun !!! I LOVE your jumper. I do understand that youre sooo proud and of course you can be ! I deffo go to the market on friday to get some wool. I esp like that the back is longer than the front. Ohhh it looks so comfy !!! Guess i will be finishing mine next winter haha :) Kisses

  4. this is amazing girl! the only thing i can knit is a scarf! these sort of things take forever but its so worth it! your jumper looks FAB!

  5. OMG!*
    SO amazing doll!*
    I'm proud of you too =)
    The sweater looks gorgeous!*
    Hope to see you make more!*

    xXx - New Zara haul is up!*

  6. The jumper looks great. I think you did an amazing job! x

  7. ill be honest, prior to moving to norway i had ZERO desire to learn knitting. after seeing what you knitted more than ready to learn!!

    1. Thats awesome Megan! Well go ahead and buy some bundles of wool;) The weather is perfect for staying in knitting nowadays anyway isn´t it? ;-) I wasn´t a huge knitting enthusiast before doing this jumper either, but I promise - it was so fun and easy :) How come you moved to Norway? :) xx

  8. Hey, I love your blog. Great work! Please come and check out my blog. If you decide to follow me I’ll follow you back :) xx

  9. That is one cool knitwear! Awesome job gurl! :)