MAKEUP LOOK: Gold & Pink Inner Crease

This look is from my makeup date I had with my lovely bff Angell :)

I wanted to do something a little more simple than that over the top glitterish green cut crease :)
So a really simple gold look with a dash of pink there is..:)

My makeup doll was already tired of, well.. just being a makeup doll really:p and her eyes were all irritated because of all the makeup, the blitz/ring light, and the wind (we were taking pictures outside at the end).. Ha ha thanks for hanging in there! ;)

I love gold, and I love pink.. And that color combo is one of my absolute favorites!
Well actually, almost ANY color looks good in the combination of gold..
Just imagine gold and royal blue, gold and turquoise, gold and sea green, gold and black... LOVE IT!

Which color combo do just absolutely love?

Here´s some pictures!
Don´t think this is the last you´ll see of pink and gold together, gonna be lots and lots of this delight..;)

(We were taking pictures outside, and it was kinda windy that day so BOTH her eyes started to tear and it wouldn´t stop - totally ruining the makeup! Haha well that´s the unglamorous life of a unprofessional makeupblogger I guess!;P)

Products Used:

Mac Paint Pot Rubenesque.
Nivea White Shimmer Dust.
Golden colors from Viva La Diva eyeshadow Palette (these shades are so fantastic! So blendable and so well pigmented..and cheap!!!).
Pink from my 120 eyeshadow palette.
KOBO Gold Pigment.
Essence Glitter on brows.
H&M Dark Brown Brow Pencil.
Maybelline Black Gel Liner.
Ardell Lashes.


  1. I love hot pink shadow! It looks great with the gold!! :)

  2. stunning .. new follower . laurzie xxx