Thailand, Bangkok & Pattaya

Back in Bangkok!! :D

We ended our trip going back from Malaysia to Bangkok.

We stayed in the city for three days then took a minibus to Pattaya. It took about 1,5 hrs and it was a good and cheap alternative. You could go by regular bus or taxi as well, but we found the minibus option working just fine for us.

We stayed at Novotel and our room was very nice :) Just in the middle of everything and the skytrain was right outside;) There was a pool there, which we tried once, or twice.. It was on the shadow side of the hotel so it was a bit too cold.. I had fun anyway tho!

Cool bathroom with see-through glass wall :)

Skytrain close to our hotel!

View from skytrain.

I just have to say that I love Bangkok. Ok so it´s hot walking about shopping, but inside the shopping centres theres always aircon so everythings fine really:)

Here I am enjoying my first Swensen´s Icecream! Yuuuuuuuuuummmm :-)

OK, a rather less flattering pic of my munching icecream..;)

Here we are at MK! I actually think this one is from Pattaya :)

Can´t get enough of that shroom soup and HHHHOMG CRISPY PORK AND ROASTED DUCK....!!!!!

Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork, Crispy pork.......... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

After shopping in Bangkok:)

Outside MBK!

This was the only day we experienced rain, we had been inside the shopping centre all day, and on our way to the skytrain it started pouring down. Wasn´t really a problem since there were roof over our heads and we were going back to the hotel anyway:)

I love Black Canyon Coffee, Swensen´s, the department stores in MBK, all the beauty stores, the foodcourt at Siam Paragon, the cinema was pretty cool, I even went to the aquarium! :D

We also went to Khaosan Road one night, just to check it out. It was alright but probably a bit to hipster/backpacker/hippie kinda? And the drinks were horrible the one place we ordered from..:P

Went to Siam Sea World in Siam Paragon :) Not only for kids you know ;) ;P

Biggest toad I´ve ever seen :)

Sea Otters yaaaay :)

Felt like I was 5 yrs again :)

I´m cuddling with a hedgehog :)

Me and the jellyfishies :)

Jellyfish :)

Had to go to Dunkin´ Donuts!!!!!

I´ve been dreaming about going there ever since I saw it in the movies for the first time :P

Had to try some different ones! This is "BEFORE"......


And this is AFTER... omg.. ha ha :) Almost had to puke I think.. But they tasted good though!!;)

Went to a movie! We saw "Snow White and the Huntsman". We also saw "Prometheus" in Kuala Lumpur :)

MmmMmm huuuge Caramel Popcorn <3 

The original plan going to Pattaya was to be able to go by boat over to a bit more tropical island, like Koh Samet or Koh Chang. Because of the rain season, and for the rainy reputation Koh Chang has during this months we decided to not book anything before we were in Pattaya and check the weather reports. Sadly it was raining quite heavily on these islands, so we decided to stay in Pattaya. Which was actually quite alright! It´s several shoppingmalls there, a lot of stuff to do, theres´s party and there is beach and you´re able to relax even tho the waters not crystal blue and etc;)

I was shopping quite a lot in Pattaya! Loved it :)
I ate a lot of icecream (not enough tho), had drinks from the COCTAIL CARS wich were AWESOME! The drinks were so cheap and pretty good! Singapore Sling, Mojito and Long Island Ice Tea FTW ;)

Here we are in Pattaya! This is from the shoppingmall.. We spent most of our time here and on the beach right down there :)

Except from shopping, eating, partying and beaching we were also at the movies! Ended up watching "Madagascar 3" in 3D.. Hehe:P 

Had to stop here of course!

Enjoying a fresh brewed coffee here, but I usually ordered something cold! ;)
The Green Tea Frappe with Red Beans were kinda good btw!

Pattaya by night.. Again from shopping mall :)

This little fella played music for us on our room before we went out in the evenings:)

I bought four sets of colored lenses! Managed to buy two of the same blue color tho.. Wanted and ice blue and regular clearer blue.. But ended up with two regular blue:( One set of brown and one set of green BIG ones :) Hehe:)

And that´s all I got! We didn´t take much pictures in Pattaya, to be honest there wasn´t much to capture.. Most of the time we were either eating or shopping.. Or at the beach, and I didn´t bring my camera to the beach..;p

All in all I had a wonderful trip, and I would like to recommend these three countries to everyone!
Malaysia is shopping paradise with some cool tourist attractions, Thailand is just plain AWESOME! Vietnam is absolutely FANTASTIC. Enough said;-)


  1. What a great post! Your hotel was gorgeous! The little koala speaker is too cute. :) And did you love Prometheus?! I have such a short attention span, so the longer a movie is, the greater the chance I'm gonna lose interest. But I thought it was great!!

  2. wow,,,,, thanks 4 ur information

    nice to meet u