Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur :)


Landing in Kuala Lumpur at dusk! The landscape was just palmtrees everywhere! It was crazy, look at all them trees all lined up :) When we drove from the airport too it was so green and lush and it felt like we were in the jungle;p hehe. That´s not too far from the truth tho, Kuala Lumpur isn´t that old ya know.. It was founded in 1857 by chinese tin miners, in the middle of the forest :) Trading went up, and  the town grew bigger and bigger.. cool..

We arrived Kuala Lumpur rather late and the first thing we had to do was to get some food before closing time! Ha ha:)
We took a little walk around the block and found out that our hotel was pretty much the shoppingmall-areas closest neighbour... What a nice little coincidence! :)

The closest mall was the Berjaya Times Square, we could actually see the theme park from our hotel..
The mall itself was closing, so we ended up a pizza place.. Then we were off to bed.. Next day should be filled with shopping, better be well rested!!;)

Our hotel was really nice, but for some reason I didn´t like the whole feeling about it..? Something was just not right.. It wasn´t the same happy and nice feeling like in Vietnam or Thailand.. But it´s hard to compare tho! Hmm.. Maybe it was because it supposedly was a classy hotel with customers who think highly of themselves...:p And the breakfast was crap... haha :) and it took hours before i got my coffee! haha :) Okay, the breakfast was pretty neat really, I just didn´t like any of it..:p Too much tofu and spicy stuff... I try not to complain too much because either way it was a fantastic trip! And I loved Kuala Lumpur, it was just a HUGE change coming from Vietnam..;)

ANYWAY we didn´t come here to stay at the hotel! :) We had plenty of things to do... The shopping centres was really almost too much, I didn´t know where to start! It was just a little overwhelming.. If I had had more than just two days it would have gone fine, but the combo of stress and a supersweet bf who actually got pretty tired of hanging with me shopping girly stuff made the whole experience a bit tiring! But HELLO, thats the way I roll.. shopping, visit as many stores and buy as much as you can on the shortest time!;) I survived :) And I know for sure I wanna visit Kuala Lumpur again:) Supercheap too :D

For this day I had to be rockin this look, my forehead was looking so bad I had to cover it up with my hair hahaha..!

I ate my first pretzel ever! OMG been wanting to try pretzels forever! People always talk about pretzels in the movies........... It just had to be amazing :P and it was! Lets just say that wasn´t my last one.. haha:) I even managed to track down Auntie Annes both in Bangkok and Pattaya too.. :D

Okay, there was a theme park inside the shoppingmall, how cool is that:) We didn´t try it tho´, I came to the conclusion that the combination of way to many pretzels, icecream and bubbletea + a heavenly burger at Wendy´s wasn´t gonna go that great with the rollercoasters, if ya know what I mean.. ha ha.. But I regret not trying it actually, seems like a lot of fun :)

We went to the movies instead! It costed like, jesus, $2 for the most comfy cinema ever...! In Norway it costs like $17, and the screen.. The screen, I am not kidding, it´s so small.. If you place like 4 flatscreens on top of eachother that would be like the size... and the whole room itself is like almost smaller than my livingroom! And the chairs! Not to mention the chairs! Its not "chairs, it´s crap... hhahhhha its so hilarious... 

Anyway, we saw Prometheus! It was pretty cool!

Finally got to go berserk in all the different makeup and beauty stores! OMG! So many new and exotic brands I´ve never tried :):):) Etude House, Elianto, Holika Holika, Watsons, TheFaceShop etc. etc. etc. !!!:D:D:D
These are probably just random stuff to you, but the only available brands in Norway, apart from regular high end brands, are like Isadora, Maxfactor, Maybelline etc.. "WOOOW"... he he :) One more thing, not even HALF of all of the new products from e.g Maybelline, Maxfactor etc. are available in Norway.. FOR EXAMPLE; you know the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow? It´s been around for quite some time now, it´s STILL NOT available in Norway! That´s just plain shit.

Is it weird that it feels like heaven when shopping outside Norway?

The next day we went to Batu Caves, it was so great! We got our taxidriver from the hotel, but really should have gotten one from the street like 5 meters down the road... It would be much cheaper! At least he waited for us and drove us to Petronas afterwards:)

It was so hot, the stairs went pretty easy but the heat was taking on and I even had to wear that hat to cover up my forehead:P It was still pretty bad bcus of the sunburn...

There were monkeys everywhere! They were so cute :) They even jumped on a woman that started screaming and crying.. I didn´t get that, why did she start to cry? The monkey just wanted to cuddle;D

This little fella found something interesting to eat :)

Hindu temple

There was a zoo inside too..:)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heroes in a nutshell, turtle power :)

Petronas Twin Towers!

Wanted to go up, but bf didn´t wanna go cus hes scared of heights<3 :P

Decided that I could go by myself, but while trying to find the way we got lost inside the shoppingmall and we didn´t find the way out again before a couple of hours, and some money spent, later;) 

We ate at this place called Chili´s and I had the most delightful BBQ chicken EVER! omg i died of tasting heaven in my mouth, if thats even possible to say..........:)

Later that night I decided to go to the mall by myself before it closed for the day... I had to find me a bodyscrub! I just HAD to try to get rid of all the ...hmm.. how to say this delicate... no can do, here goes, all the dead skin on my body after i started to fell apart like a vampire because of the sunburn! :) I ended up walkin past Krispy Kreme Donuts, how could I leave without trying out Donuts???? So I got two donuts, one scrub from Etude House and some delish drink from Starbucks :D yayyyyya :)

Ending this thing with a lovely photo of Donuts! ;P

Pecan nuts thing, not that good, but the cheesecake donut was heaven! Yum! I think I almost had to puke after eating like half.. Mmmmm:D



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