Fall Makeup Look - Green & Gold

I guess you´re gonna see this "FALL" appear quite a few times on my blog nowadays. Hehe. I´m totally addicted/inspired and just trying to make the most out of Autumn as I can! :)

I love love love love love love fall and don´t want it to end! Gosh, feel like I´m wasting every single day at work.. Ffffff.... I´m like desperate?! Anyone else feeling like this, or am I just crrrrrazy?

OK, enough worry talk - here´s a look I did today. Actually I´ve been wearing something like this for a few weeks now, I love the green and gold. Also wearing a lot of khaki, beige, black, grey, armygreen in my outfits so it matches perfectly!

But hey, I tried this collage for my photos today - how does that work out for ya? I´m not quite sure if I love or hate it??? You know I´m a fan of huge photos.. I like good photos and details! Does this collage give the makeup justice..? Is it enough? Do the small ones get too small? Hmmm.. Please give me feedback..:)

Products used, eyes:

- The Body Shop Eye Shadow #43 & #44.
- Forever 21 Dark Green Eyeshadow.
- IsaDora #44 Golden Khaki Twist-Up Metallic Eye Pen.
- Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner #3 Funk.
- Beauty Buffet Gino McCray Lingerie Secret Liner & Mascara #Black
- Red Cherry Lashes #5

I really like the Body Shop shadows! They´re pigmented and easy to apply. Kinda creamy. Lots of shimmer and color.
The Forever 21 shadow is something I came over when I was on my way to checkout.. Thought it would be perfect for smokey eye fall looks - and I was right;)
IsaDora metallic eye pen is just amazing!!!! Soooo soft and gives lots of color - LOVE it.


  1. I love using greens and golds for fall! I think this color combo works with every eye color! beautiful makeup! And I like collage (:


  2. Amazing eye look. i will definitely try it.:)
    Colors used are complimenting each other really well!!!

  3. Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment. Your eyes are amazing. The colours really suit you, love the main pic.


  4. Wohoo sweetheart this look is really nice. I love green and you've combined it so well ! XX Tani