London 27. - 31. July :)

I went to visit my friend in London the last weekend in July. I hadn´t seen her since August last year and it was about time that we got together! :)

The Olympics started the same day as I arrived and even though we didn´t go to see any of the games it was nice with the whole Olympics feeling everywhere in the city :) Also so nice to wake up and have brekkie and tea while watching Olympics on tv :)

We didn´t have that much time together, but we were sure that we should squeeze in some time to do some makeuplooks. We´re both beautyaddicts (that´s actually how we became friends in the first place!) and last year she finally did what I always have been dreaming about: taking classes and become an educated Makeup Artist :)
The thing is ..we didn´t get time to do any makeup at all..! We were waking up early every morning and headed out in the city, you knoooow there was things to dooo, places to beee... and the time just flew away! By the time we were home it was getting dark and we were to tired to even think about doing any makeup..:P

But all in all we had a lovely time together and next time there will definitely be some makeup :)

This was my third time to London, but we still had to do some tourist stuff :P My friend lives near the cabel cars so we had to try it before going to the city for some shopping :)

Then we went to Camden!

And almost just when we got there we walked past a tattoo and piercing shop and got an instant idea!

I wanted to get my navel pierced!
And Kasia wanted her ear pierced :)

A little ouchie, but worth it :)

Cute pastel houses :)

Then we went to get something to eat.. Just ought some cheap indian food at Camden. It was good!

Okay, coming from Norway - I love Primark! 

Ended up with a few items this time too :)

Kasia works at a RAW Food restaurant/café so I got to try a Pumpkin Pie! Delicioussssss :D

I did some highlights on Kasia.. Looks kinda messy but it turned out good even though we did it at home ;)

Something from the Olympics, this is from the day we were at Stratford.
Bought some really nice items from New Look and Forever 21. Finally got myself a new pair of Dr. Martens! :)

Wine and tea..;)

At Starbucks on monday before going back home..:/

Somebody have pink lips today ;)

Woohoo that was it! 

Had a lovely time. Really wanna go again soon, love seeing my friend and love London!

Last holiday post in a while I guess ;)

More fashion/beautyrelated stuff soon to come :D



  1. nice post! you have very beautiful eyes! xxx

  2. You know you're always welcome here ;) Can't wait for the next visit xxx