Guerlain Sun In The City Summer 2012 Collection

This post is kinda late! I´m sorry, summer is over and here I am talking about something that came out several months ago... Oh well, who cares, it´s a wonderful products and I´m glad that it´s mine :)

Please enjoy:)

I don´t know if I can say it enough - I love Guerlain. Simple as that.
Need no explanation why;)
Every year they come up with such beautiful collections, and every year I die a little inside because I can´t always afford buying all the products I want... But even tho Guerlain is kinda pricey, now and then I take the splurge and get myself some deliciousness :) I always know that no matter which product I get, I will be satisfied.

Guerlain have been launching quite a few collections of Terracotta bronzers, they all have something to die for - but this particular collection has a couple of special items, get ready to gasp. I saw the collection for the first time at the airport in Oslo when we were leaving for Thailand, typical me I went straight to the Guerlain counter for my dose of heaven - and there it was.
The most beautiful color and powder/shimmer/highlighter I had ever seen caught my eyes and I was just like I NEED THAT THING NOW!!! Ofc it was sold out because Norway is in general LAME. I will admit that at this point I was quite pissed off. Knowing that this is a limited product and If I don´t get my hands on it now, I probably never will..

Instead I treated myself with a two in one travel sized edition of the FANTASTIC Terracotta dry shimmering oil (I bought this last year and loved it) The smell is like heaven and I´ve been looking everywhere for a perfume that smells like it (please help me on this, im still looking out for this). Since it was a two in one there was one oil and one bodyspray! Just like I wanted :) I´ve been using it for two weeks and it´s almost empty:( And since it´s a body spray the scent doesn´t stay on forever...:/
Again; I want a perfume like this!!!!

ANYWAY I calmed myself down thinking I could get the Sun in the City powder in Bangkok.. Well, I was wrong! There´s no Guerlain counters in Bangkok? Maybe there are but not where I was looking.. And If I found any there were just perfumes there and no makeup..? Hmm.. Anyway over to the fun part. As we were on our way home we stopped halfway in Doha, Qatar and had about three hours until the connecting flight. I was not feeling well so I had my shortest trip to a taxfree ever I think.. I saw the Guerlain sign and was almost crawling my way ‘I NEED SUN IN THE CITY SHIMMEEEEER..’ They had lots in stock so I grabbed my piece forgetting all about checking the other products out tho.. I didn´t open it before I got home, and I didn´t have any idea what it would look like because both the times I saw it in stores the display powder was already almost empty after hundreds of people touching and swatching it... I just loved the color..

When I opened it, HOOOOOMFG I think my heart just skipped a beat or five, I think I lost my breath, my brain stopped functioning, it was....wassss... IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME in lack of better words, HELLO-OH the thing looks like it´s in 3D for crying out loud?! :D OK, don´t know If I´m a bit over enthusiastic here about this powder, but I just love it so much and it looks so pretty on my skin and and and I just want it to last forever! Now I feel SUPERSAD because I don´t wanna touch it anymore ruining the beautiful design, and even worse, I don´t want it to finish!!!! What am I going to do when it´s finished and I want to repurchase it!?!? It´s definitely worth $70 for sure, I would not question it a second. I´m actually considering buying another one for the time when my first one runs out..;) It has a light scent to it, the scent that makes your makeup smell luxurious..

Talking about luxurious, the whole thing is just pure luxury. It feels like your brushing gold on your freaking face, bathing your face in golden sun rays. OK, the average girl would probably not dip her face in glitter, shimmer and gold and feel good, I would :) he he.. I love all kinds of shimmer products, and sadly I can´t brag about having a huge collection, but this particular one is so beautiful I can´t keep my eyes off it and I can´t talk about it enough.. Guerlain got some pretty ones from before, for sure, but this one is SPECIAL. I like that it´s not multicolored, that is´t pure... pure gold really..:)

Well, enough talk, over to the pictures.

It´s hard to show exactly how beautiful it is via a photo, but these are the best I could get of it.

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