Fall Fashion Inspiration 2012

Lately I have been using Pinterest quite a lot to find inspiration for fall outfits, there´s soooo many nice pieces and outfits out there imma die looking at it! *pinning like crazy*.

Here´s a small collection taken from my Pinterest site, it´s just random photos found everywhere!
It´s really just basic outfits/items, easy to combine and it´s something almost everyone got lying around - you just gotta match it right :)

I´m extremely in love with fall, I love it more and more and know how to appreciate it more and more for every year that goes by. Right now I´m so inspired and I can easily imagine myself do like ten more posts like this!

Anyone else loving fall like I do? 


Right now I´m knitting my own sweater! I hope it´s gonna turn out amazing, he he, guess I´ll finish it in a couple of days. Can´t wait! 

Are you on Pinterest? Please leave me your username, I would love to have new people to follow! :)


  1. Would love to see you post about your finished sweater when its complete!

  2. Can't wait for fall!! Love all these photos :)

  3. oh wow i love the tights under jeans concept!