Movie: "Drive".

I LOVE THIS MOVIE! ...and I love Ryan Gosling :)
Anyone else seen it? What do you think about it?

I love the way it's filmed and the editing, the slow motion scenes, and the sountrack is perfect.
I get that 80's movie feeling.. without that being a bad thing!
I love the main character, his style, his behaviour, the way he almost says nothing at all... The way he walks, the way he puts his hands in the pockets of his jacket.. Even the toothpick! :)
And I like some violence...;)
Everything is so thoroughly well done, and ofc Ryan Gosling really does a great job acting..:) OMMMMMG HE´S SO HOTTTTTTT <3

Have you seen it and did you like it? :)


  1. oh i like Ryan a lot but i haven't seen this one. thanks for the post.
    his last movie i've seen is "Lars and the real girl" been a while. ;p

    1. You should def see this one, I promise you :)
      Aaaaaah I need to see it again!!! :)

      Ha ha, I have actually not seen that one, maybe I should :P
      Have you seen "Stay" ?