Final exams - hairdressing academy

I can't believe how fast time goes by!!!! OHMYGOD, in a couple of weeks I've been attending the hairdressing academy for 6 months! I mean... Like... I had my first exam today! Can you believe that?! I'm in my final week at school, ever! Feels like I just started there.... It's been so hard and stressful, sometimes I never thought it would end.. Ha ha, but here I am :) One week left and I'm in a salon for a three weeks practice :):) As I said I had my first exam today, it went quite well and I'm pretty satisfied. I just gotta keep my motivation up for tomorrow (and next week;)! I'm gonna update u with some pics later :) Still having some truoble with pc and internet btw, but I'm moving back home soon (with stabile internet access:P) and by the end of February I'm getting my new Macbook Pro !!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!! <3 <3 <3 What have you been up to lately? :) And yeah, I'm most likely to be going to IMATS LONDON this year!!!! Anyone else going? =)


  1. congratulations!
    good luck in the future. ;)

  2. hope your exams went great! i'm waiting for the next post to know for sure..because i strongly believe you did great :D

    1. Thank you dear! :) My exams went quite well and I´m very satisfied :) Finally I can relax at least a little.. hi hi :) updating my blog more often now :)