My lovely Mac is stolen:(


I just want to inform you guys that I will probably not be blogging for a few days...

On Friday my dearest Mr. MacBook got stolen ! :/ My phone and iPod too..:/

It's so annoying and I'm so pissed off and sad and everything at the same time, blaaah :-(

Don't know how long it's gonna take before everything is fixed with the insurance and everything, maybe I'll be without (a new) Mr. Mac for weeks! Help!

I've had my mac for over three years now, and NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM with him. NOTHING ever!
The same with my iPod btw.

And yes, my mac is (...was) a he.

My nerdy heart is broken.

R.I.P Mr. Mac 2008 - 2011. 
We spent so much time of joy together.
I'll be missing you. <3


  1. that sucks :( hopefully everything gets situated asap :)

  2. Oh no, this is dreadful! Where did it get stolen from?
    I hope that the insurance company pays you out a lot so you can buy another one!! ahaa

  3. I'm really sorry that happened!

  4. Sorry doll, that is awfull!!kisses!!

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss! Hope everything will get better!

    Luiza from Lifestyle Philosophy