MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick

Lately I've suddenly started to love orange and coral colors.. Both in clothes, accessories, shoes and makeup.. I don't know where this sudden addiction came from, but nevertheless it led me out on a neverending (so it seems at least) search for the perfect lipstick to match with all these new orangey/coral colored clothes and shoes that I suddenly have! 

There's so many to choose from! Dior, YSL, Lancome really got some nice ones, but MAC Vegas Volt was the one that eventually came with me home :) (I also want Costa Chic, but it was sold out!:/)
This is my second Creme Lipstick from MAC, and I'm still loving it:)
The formula is comfortable, and the color lasts for a very long time.

Personally I both like the color and the formula a little better when it has stayed on for a little while, or when I've smudged it out a bit. ..I guess what I mean is that I like it when it's matte? he he :)

Not that it's glossy or anything in the first place, it's just perfect, because you could make it glossy by applying a gloss (oh surprise, surprise), or smudge it out for a more matte look ;)

(The last picture doesn't justify the color I must say..)

Have you tried it? Do you prefer it as it is or matte?


  1. Pretty color! I love wearing coral too but I can't pull off coral lips quite like you do!

  2. wow love it! beautiful eye-colour:)