Week 4 (!) at the hairdressing academy )

GOSH, time flies!!!

Last week (monday, hey, i guess im a bit late on my updates, sorry!) we started practicing on our own dollheads...:)

We started out with this lenght..

In just a few moments it looked like this!

Then a few days later, suddenly it looked like this! :)

Then after the haircut is blowdried, it looks like this..

Dont think she can see anything from under there!
The front is obviously..too long.. hehe :)

So yea, we started cutting! hi hi :) It's so fun :) But I already have cut too much.. hehe.. Remember we're supposed to cut on this for.. well i dont know.. two more weeks or something? :p

One day (hopefully soon) I will do much better than this ^^


  1. That is the cutest hair cut! I could never pull off that style but I definitely admire girls who can. :)

  2. I enjoyed looking at the pics from the academy =) plus I browsed thru your older posts and wow girl you're so pretty ! I'd be proud to have you among my followers :-)
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  3. Wow! What a great haircut!! Looks like so much fun babe! xo

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  5. wow such a cuute blog! i love your header-pic:) following you now:)


  6. Awee good job hun! Practice makes perfect and I'm sure you'll be perfect at cutting in no time!!

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