Fall Inspiration 2011

Every autumn I dream about wearing all these cute outfits like skirts and overknee stockings, cute scarfs and jump around in a pile of fallen leaves in all the wonderful colors you can imagine like a little happy bunny....... eehehe :)

Every autumn ...does not turn out like that.

Normally it's so cold that the only thing I care about is to stay warm. One autumn/winter I even went and purchased a fugly winterjacket in pure rage because I was so tired of freezing all the freakin time.

I wore it max three times. It was so warm and comfy, but maaaaan so ugly!

I love skirts, so here's some inspiration:

It's mid September now and I'm starting to plan my autumn outfits. Just like I always do;)
Hopefully this year I will actually wear something else than just comfy clothes just because it's cold;P

What do you love to wear in the autumn?


  1. I love your picks!! Tomorrow fall is going to start here in Italy!

  2. it's the same for me. I like the idea of fall, the colours, the clothes, but it never turns out like I imagine it. it either rains too much, or gets cold too quickly, and soon enought it's winter and I'm simply misserable. well, the dreaming-bit is always fun... :)