Update from the hairdressing academy :)

Hey! :)

Here's some pictures from school :)

The first two weeks were filled with theory and mostly blowdrying techniques.
For this we used the schools mannequins.

I wouldn't recommend you to do it this way, this is not the correct way ;) hehe!

This wasn't very easy I must say! But I tried my best at least :) This is not correct either btw;P

My scissor! :):)

Waiting to get her hair shampooed...

I like the school so much, even tho I don't feel I do everything correct.. I have done a lot of mistakes already, hehe, but hopefully I'll do better after some more training! ;)

This is one of the reasons why I take photos of what I do at school, I guess it would be fun to take a look at the work I did in the beginning later on :P

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