I am going to THAILAND!

Haiiiii beautiful readers! :)

I have two big news to share with you! Or.. At least they´re big to me!

I mentioned earlier that I´m going to Australia in April, well, that is not happening after all :(
It´s sooo expensive and I just can´t make it right now... HOWEVER! I have officially booked tickets to Thailand instead and I will be spending a month there with my bestie :D
(Flight, domestic flight with ferry transfer and all of the hotels is still cheaper than just the flight to Australia...) It´sad I can't go visit my lilsister, but it´s not that long until she´s coming home anyway - I´ll go to Australia some other time!

It´s going to be my second time to Thailand and I´m so excited! It´s 48 days until I´m leaving and I´m already planning what to pack and I´m going all crazy here...!!
There´s so little going on in my life at the moment so I know it´s going to be extremely hard to stop focusing on counting down the days :P

I can´t even start to explain how much in need I am for a trip like this now.. I´m in desperate need for some time to REALLY relax and think about something positive and put my focus on something else than my sad situation here at home. It´s amazing what some sun, heat and calm surroundings can do.
I can remember how good it was with that week in Greece last summer. I know it´s not gonna get me well all of a sudden, but I still look at it as a part of my own way of recovery :)

We´re staying almost a week in Bangkok (God, I love that city!!) then we´re heading to this beautiful island called Koh Lanta for about two weeks, we´re then going back to Bangkok for a stopover. We´re arriving early in the evening so hopefully we could go out for a dinner or to the movies or something:) Can´t be wasting one night in Bangkok for sleeping in at the hotel!!!
We´re probably driving to Pattaya the next day and staying there for a few days as it´s close to Bangkok and it has beaches and shopping.
However we´re keeping the last days open so we´re not going to book anything yet.. Just gonna do what we feel like..
I´m a liiiiiittle bit bummed we won´t be able to go to Vietnam,  Malaysia or Cambodia for a short trip as well, but our budget just can´t do it this time...


And I´m going to get so fat.. I love thai food and I can´t wait to eat and drink everything coconut, and have drinks at the beach and tons of fresh fruit from the markets! Eat grilled chicken from the street and have Tom Yum soup and sticky coconut rice with mango and home made banana smoothie with local coconut sugar!! (yes, we´re actually bringing a hand blender...)

Ah, what am I doing, I should be out working on my bikini body right now!!! *squat, squat, squat*

...Then over to my other newsssss, well, I´ve been mentioning before that I´ve been wanting to start doing YouTube videos, I´ve tried (not published anything) but didn´t feel confident enough! My bestie has just started a channel and she´s posted 10 or 11 videos already! She´s all about a fruity, vegan and healthy lifestyle. She´s also a MUA so I´m hoping she might do some makeup on there as well soon ;-)

Anyway, she has kinda inspired me and since traveling is such a huge passion for me and there is so much to film and do videos about regarding this I thought what better time and reason to start my channel than that?! I already have plenty of ideas! I might not be the smartest or most efficient packer, but I´m going to do it all different this time so I might have some tips to share for other non-efficient packers like me out there ;-)
ALSO I just got my hands on a Canon 600D so I finally have a good camera to film with :)

So that was a little update from me :)
I hope it´s going to be easier to shoot some eyeshadow swatches with my new camera so I´ll be on that tomorrow yaaay :)

What travel/makeup videos do you enjoy watching?

Do you have any vacation plans for 2014?

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium


  1. This is so exciting to hear! Thailand is always amazing and Im sure the weather will be divine!

  2. Wow :) So excited for you, hun! Have a lovely time at Thailand!

  3. Heyy Sweety!! how are you doing??
    it's been a while... but omg your news!! AMAZING:))

    really jealous about your trip to thailand! i've never been there but my friends have and they told me the most beautiful things about it:) can't wait to see your travel pics (or even videos?? wooohoo!) btw. what happen to your instagram? miss you there:(

    i don't have any specific vacation plans for this year... just really want to visit paris so bad!! but other than that... definitely want to see the beach too:)

    lots of love xxx

  4. I can´t wait ! I know, it´s truly amazing there! :) xx

  5. Hi hunny puff!
    I´m good! Well, I have been feeling pretty ill lately, so that´s why I haven´t been on here - it´s so boring when I don´t have the energy to do anything! :(

    It is absolutely amazing! I wanted to go back to Vietnam as well, but I can´t make it this time sadly :( We´re on a budget so can´t be doing too many trips around but I´m hoping for some island hopping at least!;)
    This trip is what keeps me going now, I´m so excited and I just can´t wait to really get the chance to relax! I hope you make it to Paris! Such a lovely city, I wanna go back there too!

    I have been soooo bad at instagram lately! I have had suuuch a boring life for months now, I haven´t even taken a selfie since long before Christmas! :O Haha it´s insane! :P
    Hoping to get better soon though, and to have something fun to share ^^

    How have you been lately hun? :))) Lots of Love <3 xxx

  6. SO jealous reading this post - I'd love to go to Thailand! It looks absolutely gorgeous there. I hope you have an amazing time hun!



  7. Awwww yay i'm so happy for you my dear! Guess you're super duper excited :) That's exactly the same what i feel when i know i'm going on vacation, i directly start planning where to go, what to take... etc. I'm sure it'll make you feeling much better and puts your negative thoughts beside, think about how amazing it will be laying in the warm sand, the sun shining on your face and you're listening to the sea (maybe a coconut cocktail in hand too)!!!
    I've never been to Thailand but always wanted to go, well i'm sure one day i'll deffo make it.
    It's a shame that flights to Australia are that expensive isn't it?! When i was with my ex bf we wanted to visit his auntie in Melbourne but (for us students) the only change to go was saving saving saving and instead of a year without any trips we switched and went several times to Greece :)
    Ohh I'd love you to make a post with packing tips!!!! PLEASE!!! What kind of luggage do you take?
    Have a fabby day my dear!
    xxxxxxxxx Tani