My Smoothie Adventure - Recipe For My Favorite Green Smoothie :)

Green Smoothie with kale, mint, coconut, banana and spinach

I love food.

There´s no getting away from that, I love food and I love to eat good food.
I consider myself lucky as I don´t gain weight that easily, I guess I´m just blessed with high metabolism. Although I did feel it changed to the worse when I reached 20 - so I definitely feel that I need to watch my intake more than I used to, hehe!
Not that I have ever had an unhealthy lifestyle or having a bad diet really. I love greens, veggies, fruits, everything good and healthy I love and I´d rather have a huge bowl of fruit or a nice refreshing smoothie than chocolate. (Don´t get me wrong, I love chocolate too).

After the holidays I´ve been feeling a bit sluggish and I simply don´t feel like eating anything. I just had enough.. So I decided to start a little smoothie adventure :)
I´m not on any fancy diet or anything, I just eat what I like and what I feel is healthy for me and right now that is smoothies as I crave it so much - it´s simply delicious!!

It´s also fun because there´s so many different ingredients and varieties of smoothies, sort of an experiment each time ;)

Even though I love food and I love to eat and I can eat a lot it doesn´t mean I eat everything all the time.
I eat what I consider normal, homecooked and kinda healthy food, but my problem is that I don´t eat regularly. I usually eat twice a day and that would usually be a little something in the afternoon and a late dinner...
I simply don´t get hungry until late - of course this depends on my activity level and right now I´m not too active so I kinda forget to eat... Which isn´t too good, is it..

THEREFORE MY FRIENDS smoothies are a great option for me because I remember to eat/drink it because I simply want it all the time!
I do try to have one smoothie every 3rd hour, but I might only have two smoothies a day, and a small dinner meal in between. I need to work on my habits.

My favorite green smoothie, so refreshing and delisssssh!

I´m not too fond of smoothies with dairy in them (diary in general, bad for my skin & I don´t like it) so I don´t use yoghurt or milk - if I have "milk" I would use either unsweetened almond milk vanilla flavored or rice milk vanilla flavored. Just a little bit for the sake of making the smoothie thinner and for the flavour!
I mostly use cold tap water or coconut water. I can also use coconut milk (the real stuff from cans) if I want it thicker.

I just prefer using tap water or coconut water as it makes the smoothie so much fresher and it´s easier to drink.

I prefer green smoothies over fruity/berry smoothies so I use a lot of spinach, kale, celery, avocado and mint.
Not too fond of the taste of apples or oranges in smoothies so I don´t use that too much.
Bananas are great for smoohties, but I don´t use more than one or one and a half as it´s simply too much for me and it makes me full after one sip. I also don´t like that the banana overrides all the other flavours. PLUS as I don´t do any work out at the moment I should´t be stuffing too many bananas (or fruit in general really......) in my body.. The simple answer to this is of course that I need to start working out - problem and worries solved! ;)

I like mangos and carrots, beetroot, everything coconutty, and sometimes a tea spoon of different seeds.  Fun ingredients are bell pepper and chili :)
I haven´t ventured into the world of "superfoods" yet, but thinking about ordering some chia, acai, maca, goji, bee pollen, whatever, soon! Just for the fun of it and to test it out :))
I´m waiting for a few stuff from iherb at the moment, for example vanilla extract. Really good to add for flavouring especially for Avocado Shakes! YUM!

I like to keep my fruits and greens frozen. It makes everything SO MUCH EASIER and it saves me a lot of time.
I basically stock up on certain items, mango, kale, spinach, mint, bananas. I chop everything up and put each of them in zip locks too keep in the freezer.
This also makes the smoothie so much more refreshing as it´s cool and nice when finished:)

Fruits and vegetables for smoothie
Mango, spinach, kale, bananas, mint (not shown in the picture), avocados. 

My current favorite smoothie recipe! 
(Sorry I don´t have any real measures for this, I just go by the feeling:P)

- Handful of kale.
- Little less than a handful of spinach.
- A good pinch or two of mint leaves (depends on how strong you want the flavor really).
- One small, or half of a larger banana.
- Handful of mango.
- Half avocado (this is a small one).
- 1-3 tbsp coconut sugar, depends on how sweet you want it (OPTIONAL as the mango pretty much does the job) I just add 1 tbsp for the flavor.
- 1 - 1 1/2 cups of coconut water. start with one cup and then add more if it comes out too thick :)
- Also optional, but I like to add 1 tbsp of coconut oil as well as it gives such amazing flavor!


Green Smoothie Recipe

What´s your favorite smoothie?

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium


  1. Tani // Bohemian vanityJanuary 9, 2014 at 11:31 AM

    Oh my! Looks like i've missed a lot on here! Great design my dear!
    Me too haha! I Love food and i hate diets, but i have to start loosing my extra pounds from december :) Will be a hard time i guess :( Lucky you not gaining weight, i'm jealous!!! That smoothie looks so yummy! Thanks for that i deffo have to try it. I made a fat free vegan soup yesterday maybe i'll do a post of it too :) xxxx Tani (no way to comment with blogger anymore? I'll try "as guest" hope it works... since i don't have a G+ account yet)

  2. Hihi, yeah I needed some changes, again :) Glad you like it!
    I haven´t been very active lately so I have some catching up to do myself when it comes to reading blogs! ;)

    I don´t think I will ever manage to be on a diet, I don´t have enough discipline hehe:P
    It´s sooo yummy! You should absolutely try it, and I would love to see a recipe on that fat free vegan soup :D
    I have changed my commenting system to DISQUS, if you´re familiar with it. I do have some issues with it, for example that you can´t leave your blog address when using "GUEST". I think a lot of people don´t bother commenting when seeing it´s disqus, I don´t know but it is a little different..:/ The simplest way is to just sign up with Disqus (free), and you´ll keep track on replies/conversations AND your name will be linked to your blog :) (or just leave your link in the comment:)))
    Oh and that is only when commenting on blogs that have Disqus installed, the other ones are just like usual:) xxx

  3. Wow, this sounds incredible! I personally love adding a heaping spoonful of hemp protein to my smoothies as well as hemp seeds sprinkled on top. They have such a nice flavour and are SO good for you!

    xx -b.

  4. Looks like a delicious smoothie!

  5. Nice post, the smoothie looks fab! I personally love the Cardio Angel one I get at Covent Garden - blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, banana and apple juice. So good!

    I have a new post about a weekend away, if you have time do you fancy checking it out and leaving feed back? :-)

    Hope you can follow back on Bloglovin!


  6. Hayley-Eszti SzucsJanuary 14, 2014 at 5:18 PM

    I love smoothies so much! I need to try this! x Hayley-Eszti

  7. Beauty & Lifestyle HunterJanuary 17, 2014 at 2:52 AM

    This sounds and looks so nice.... I wish I felt I had time to make the smoothies, especially after an Xmas of overindulging on too much chocolate....but my 6 month old boy keeps me on my toes!!

    And have a great trip Down Under in April, you'll love it! Its autumn then, which means the temperatures have dropped a bit (which is a good thing, we've had 40+ degrees here in Melbourne all week, with a top of 44degrees today, phew!) - but still there will be nice sunny days, especially in Brisbane - but even with lower temperatures, they are probably still more similar to a Scandinavian summer (I'm Danish), so it should still be pleasant!! Ha' en god dag!! Karina

  8. Me too! Can´t live without it now! Did you try it yet Hayley-Eszti? :) x

  9. It´s absolutely amazing, the mint leaves does the trick ;)
    Oh, hemp protein sounds interesting. I blended my hemp seeds with the rest and it did not taste good at all.. I don´t know if it was because I had too much in or because they got crushed - either way I had to throw the whole thing away :P I have only been sprinkling them on top as well ever since ^^ xx

  10. Oh, definitely checking that out next time in London! Whats´s the store called? :)
    Sorry my late reply, I´m having a look at your blog now :) I love travel related posts :) x

  11. Oh, I can imagine! I used to think it was so time consuming making smoothies, and washing the whole thing after each time.. But now when I do it everyday it´s done in a very few minutes! You should def try as soon as you feel you have the time :) You´ll feel amazing ^^

    Thank you! However, I´m not going to AUS after all! I figured I couldn't afford the ticket this time.. So I´m going to Thailand instead, hehe, so much cheaper ;)
    Anyway, I´m considering starting to study in Brisbane or Sydney next year perhaps, so still very interested in the temperatures! ;-) Takk skal du ha :-) Ha en god dag! :)) Karoline x

  12. It's called Creme De La Crepe :) It's amazing there, can't wait to go again!
    No worries hun! xx